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Analysis of Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer on Raw Milk and Adulterated Milk

Author WangYanBin
Tutor YeXingQian
School Zhejiang University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Milk Ultrasonic wave Component Analysis Adulteration Analyzer
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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The ultrasonic milk composition analyzer (Ultrasonic milk analyzer) ultrasonic principle developed by the Department of Food Science, Zhejiang University, can be rapidly detected in cow's milk protein, fat, solids, watered amount, density and freezing point. This study is the stability and accuracy of the analyzer ultrasound rapid milk ingredients, the common milk adulterated milk composition analyzer measured, its findings and FOSS milk composition analyzer (FOSS milk analyzer), and national standards method (GB) analysis results are compared. The main conclusions are as follows: ultrasonic milk composition analyzer test results showed that raw milk ingredients, The ultrasonic milk composition analyzer accuracy and repeatability are better, you can use it to replace the GB detection method in the detection of the raw milk ingredients. The measurement result of the ultrasonic milk composition analyzer vary increased with increasing temperature, but between 25 ° C and -35 ℃ increase smaller, so must be used to control the temperature within this range. The ultrasonic milk composition analyzer can visually display the milk EHO rate there will be a certain deviation, but in the the EHO amount exceeds 20%, protein, fat, solids and density data. Watered to 20%, ultrasound analyzer data is about 5% higher than the GB data about. Milk mixed with protein powder, GB Foss analyzer and ultrasound analyzer protein, data will rise, rise ultrasound analyzer is significantly smaller than the previous two. Plus urea of ??ultrasonic milk composition analyzer protein data basically no effect on the impact of watered-rate data is also smaller, but will make it rise solids and density data. Mixed with dairy creamer, will increase in the ultrasound fat analyzer data, the increase is far less than the national standard method, but mixed with creamer greater impact watered for determination of ultrasound analyzer, mixed with 3.4% creamer can offset 10% of the watered. Milk mixed with sugar and salt makes ultrasound analysis of testing data abnormal rise, and the increase was more. Every 1.2% increase in the salt and protein data an average increase of about 1.5%, the solids data an average increase of about 4%; each increase of 0.6% sucrose, protein data will be an average increase of 0.2%, and may offset 10% of the watered amount, but fat data. Balance of the milk ingredients, you can use the the ultrasonic analyzer to determine the adulteration of milk, salt and sucrose.

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