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Study on Synthesization and Properties of the New-type Monoalkyl-organotin Heat Stabilizer

Author HuZhenZuo
Tutor DiChao
School Nanjing University of Technology
Course Polymer materials
Keywords Organotin heat stabilizers Monoalkyl organotin heat stabilizers The monobutyl organic tin synthesis Thermal stability test
CLC TQ320.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the world's top five general-purpose plastics production used in huge numbers, a very wide range of applications. But its poor thermal stability, necessary in the process to add heat stabilizers to prevent PVC discoloration, degradation. Accordingly, the development is closely related to the development of PVC heat stabilizer of PVC products. Organotin heat stabilizers is the best, the most promising one of the PVC heat stabilizers, efficient, low (no) toxic, especially for transparent and hygiene products. In China, the production and application of novel heat stabilizer is far behind the development of the PVC industry, accelerate, strengthen the new organotin heat stabilizers development and applied research has become a necessity. Research and development of mono-alkyl organotin stabilizers is to develop and perfect a ways and means of organotin heat stabilizers. The purpose of this subject is by synthesizing a series of mono-alkyl organic tin compound and testing its performance as a PVC stabilizer, thus expect to obtain a class, the overall improved performance of the new organotin stabilizers. The research of this subject idea is that on the three function keys on the organic tin center Sn atom bonded to a maleic acid monoester or maleic acid groups, lauric acid or stearic acid group, phthalic acid (phthalic anhydride) single alkyl ester group wherein one, two or three synthesize different monoalkyl organic tin compound; test composites of PVC performance investigated whether these groups reflects their dialkyl organotin have performance advantages. This article was first studied in the catalyst-free and solvent-free under conditions synthesized maleic acid monooctyl ester, and Phthalic Anhydride monooctyl ester process conditions, by controlling the temperature and time required for the reaction, the synthesized product of a relatively high conversion rate. Monobutyl tin oxide-based raw materials, and the four bonding groups reaction synthesized a series of single-butyl carboxylic acid esters as PVC heat stabilizers applications organotin, and infrared spectroscopy of the structure of the composition characterization and determination of their basic physical properties; the synthesis experiments raw materials, cheap and easy to get, easy to operate, easy to control the process conditions, easy to achieve industrialization. Own synthesis of the corresponding group dibutyl organic tin for performance comparison test. The test results show that the static thermal stability properties of the composites, pure lauric acid (stearic acid), the static thermal bonded Anhydride monooctyl ester groups monobutyl organotin than The corresponding groups dibutyl organic tin better performance of stable introduction of maleic acid monooctyl ester; the monobutyltin the Sn atom, its inhibitory effect on the early stages of hydrogen chloride Poor, but the long-term thermal stability and the post-thermal stability is good, and to increase the compatibility with the resin ; Sn atom introduced Anhydride monooctyl ester, the initial inhibition of hydrogen chloride is relatively poor, but the long-term heat resistance and later thermal stability is very good, and has a plasticizing action. Laurate, maleic acid monoethyl octyl benzene RESEARCH, monooctyl ester single synthetic mono-butyl tin compounds in base tin dilaurate maleic acid monooctyl ester single group tin monolaurate diphenyl RESEARCH monooctyl monoester group, tin dilaurate, a maleic acid mono-octyl monobutyl tin dilaurate a benzene lying monooctyl ester monobutyl tin laurate, maleic acid mono-butyl tin dilaurate, a stearate monobutyltin these organotin relatively good thermal stability, more application value. The biggest innovation of this paper is on the the Sn original in the introduction of this research single-octyl group synthetic organic tin compounds, molecules containing organotin stabilizers in the group and the application has not yet been reported. The experiments show that the group-containing organic tin stabilizer lasting excellent thermal stability properties, having a certain plasticizing effect, it is with the application value.

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