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Study on the Design Basic and Design Methodology of Ecological Architecture

Author NiNing
Tutor WangShan
School Beijing University of Technology
Course Architecture
Keywords Sustainable development Ecological building Design Principles Design method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In recent years, Habitat deterioration of the environment caused by the natural environment due to human activities and the natural environment of conflict, forcing people to re-examine the relationship between man and nature, architecture and natural environment. Presented with the concept of sustainable development, the architects began to think about how to address the root causes of construction impact on energy and the environment, and the emergence of eco-building is based on this background. This paper attempts to start from the basic architecture and the natural environment contact from energy use, insulation, shading, natural lighting, natural ventilation, water use, green, ecological building materials on the ecological building design principles and design methods, so that we in-depth understanding and mastery of ecological building design. Modern ecological building in Europe have decades of time, but it is the things in the last ten years in China. Construction of high-speed development of the domestic economy, causing serious environmental pollution and ecological damage due to the neglect of environmental issues, so that China's ecological environment in a very fragile state, since the deterioration of ecological environment continues. China's construction industry this great responsibility. Standing on a new starting point of the 21st century, when we re-examine the construction industry in the process of construction and use, consumption patterns and its ecological significance, we had to abandon the kind of high energy consumption, high pollution of the traditional mode of production. Ecological buildings to conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, and improve the quality of the indoor environment performance as the direction of the architectural design of the new century. China's construction industry, is at an important moment of transition from quantity to quality-oriented construction of ecological building is an important symbol of the building to improve the quality of China's construction industry an important starting point for steering can continue to develop the green road. Construction of ecological construction means that every aspect of management, from the production of building materials, construction planning, architectural design, construction, and after the completion of a will to protect the environment, conserve resources, promote ecological balance for profound changes in content, In a certain sense, this change will focus on the development of eco-building. In the new century, the Chinese architecture can not be developed and then the old mode of high energy consumption, high pollution, construction of ecological construction is the only way for the development of Chinese architecture.

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