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Experimental study of roadway flexible material the wind resistance of the air curtain group

Author LuMei
Tutor LiXinYi
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Safety Management and Engineering
Keywords air curtain group of flexible material wind resistant performance ventilating resistance air leakage rate
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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All along in the process of social development, the mining industry occupies a very important position as the basis of energy production industry. Mine ventilation system is one of the eight mine production systems. Establishing a perfect mine ventilation system is an important measure to ensure safety of underground mine production. Ventilation structure can make the airflow in the mine ventilation system. Air door in the ventilation system is one of important ventilation structures. Putting the air door reasonable in the roadway which has many mining electric locomotives or people to get through and Making the air door nearly intrinsically safe have important meaning to ensure normal operation of mine ventilation system and safety of underground mine production.This paper studies the present situation of air door at home and abroad and proposes the concept of roadway air curtain group of flexible material. Because of its flexible structure, roadway air curtain group of flexible material can make mine transport equipment and pedestrians pass smoothly when the control system failed to open it. It can solve the air door of rigid material’s problem at the same situation that the mine transport equipment may hit the air door of rigid material and make accident. Instead of rigid material air door, roadway air curtain group of flexible material’s using can put the ventilation structure of cutting off airflow closer to intrinsically safe.To validate the air curtain group of flexible material can satisfy the airflow control requirements, this paper designs wind resistant performance experiment of air curtain group, and set up air curtain group experimental system. This experiment measured wind velocity of the roadway model and total pressure difference to get ventilating resistance and air leakage rate of air curtain group. Therefore, this paper realized the experimental research of wind resistant performance.This paper has got a qualitative conclusion about air curtain group of flexible material. The wind resistant performance of air curtain group of flexible material has many effect factors which include energy of airflow, related factors of material itself (mass or density, surface roughness, stiffness, etc.), air curtain structure (the number of pages the air curtain divided, etc.), air curtain group structure (the number of air curtain layer, layer spacing, the number of air curtain composite group, group spacing, etc.) and other factors.Experiment shows that air curtain group of flexible material can resistant and cut off the air flow. It can not only satisfy the air flow control requirements but also eliminate accidents which causing injuries and economic losses. After further research I believe that as a good ventilation structure, roadway air curtain group of flexible material is expected to widely used in actual mine production.

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