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Study on Nutrition Regulation and Control in Ecotype Soilless Culture

Author ZhouJianZhao
Tutor HuangYun
School Southwest Agricultural University
Course Plant Nutrition
Keywords Ecotype soilless cultivation Nutritional regulation Solid matrix Utilization
CLC S317
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Chongqing regional agricultural waste mushroom residue, straw and sand were selected as culture matrix, commercial organic fertilizer Sherlock ground, the field must be applied, through a combination of field trials and pot test method, research culture substrate screening organic fertilizer fertilizer efficiency and utilization problems, aims to provide a scientific basis for Chongqing ecological soilless cultivation. The results show that: 1. Shed matrix the cultivation experiment show that the the different solid matrix processing cabbage and lettuce yield, quality is superior, in the case of the same fertilizer, soil cultivation (CK). 2 greenhouses matrix cultivation test showed that bacteria slag, sand, straw volume ratio of bacteria in a variety of organic and inorganic matrix proportion slag: straw: sand = 3:0:1. Under these conditions, the cultivation of lettuce and cabbage production, quality is better than the other ratio of the solid matrix. The 3 potted biological tests showed that the application of organic soil by necessary facilities, solid substrate culture chili than soil cultivation of flowering seven days in advance, results, and ahead of the listing; administering organic fertilizer Sherlock, solid substrate cultivation of pepper and soil cultivation the period of fertility. 4 in the cultivation of the soil, application of organic fertilizer Sherlock than the applied field must be applied to make the crop growth period in advance. The tests showed that the cultivation of the soil organic fertilization Sherlock ground pepper maturity than the applied field must be applied early days. The bacteria slag: straw: sand = 3:0:1 proportion of mixed solid substrate cultivation patterns, commercial organic fertilizer Sherlock ground, the field must be applied pot experiment optimum fertilization is 11g / pots; Field recommended fertilizer field must be applied to 3126kg/hm ~ 2, the the Sherlock manner as 3230kg/hm. The 6 commercial organic fertilizer N, P, K elements higher utilization. Tests showed that organic fertile field will be applied in the utilization of N elements up to 68%, up to 32.7% and 67.1%, P elements and the utilization of the K elements; the organic fertilizer Sherlock land utilization of N elements up to 60.7%, P elements and K elements were as high as 26.8%, 38.1%. 's Use rate of the students swimming foot the day soil Qiu Qian @ Peel Mody teeth up to 60.7o elements P and K elements up to 26.8O 38.1O. 7. The same fertilizer, organic fertilizer applied in solid substrate cultivation Sherlock, the field must be applied N, P, K elements utilization and soil cultivation or slightly higher. 8. Solid substrate (mushroom residue: straw: sand two 3:0: l) cultivation mode of production of vegetables and organic fertilizer (Sherlock, the field must be applied) to achieve \The analysis showed that the the organic fertilizer Sherlock, the heavy metal content of the field must be applied and mushroom residue of \

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