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The Preliminary Research of Tetraploid Fodder Clones of Robinia Pseudoacacia in Regional Trial

Author WangXiuFang
Tutor LiYue
School Beijing Forestry University
Course Tree Genetics and Breeding
Keywords Locust the tetraploid feed type clones Regional test Foliage yield index Leaf nutrient composition refers to forest Soil factors Meteorological factors Principal Component Analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Seed zone properties locust the tetraploid feed type clones Korea cultivate specific varieties, introduced into China in 1997 to study the adaptability of its relatively poor western regions in natural conditions and seed performance can its promotion to provide scientific basis. In this study, by a variety of site conditions in nine pilot survey in northwest arid regions and sample analysis, tetraploid clones locust foliage production indicators (new branch length, the number of new branches lobular, the new branches lobular air-dry the total weight , etc.), leaf nutrient content indicators (crude fat, crude protein, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) in locations between the test material performance and variation; measured in the soil survey and physical and chemical properties of the test point to collect meteorological factors on the basis of , analysis of the traits of economic indicators of the test material, the relationship between the economic traits and soil and meteorological factors, tetraploid feed clones compared with ordinary locust dominance, principal component analysis method to investigate the locust four times body clones most suitable for the development of the site conditions. The study showed that: ① The majority of the observations foliage production indicators are statistically between trial sites and research materials there were significant differences tetraploid fodder clones of each compound leaf lobule number, leaf relative size of annual new branches lobular The total number of new branches of lobular air-dry total weight were significantly higher than those of ordinary locust respectively of times 1.320,1.499,1.331,2.539 control; ② leaf nutrients content in no significant difference test tetraploid clones and control Description tetraploid clones lobular and the ordinary diploid locust lobular overall nutrition level similar; ③ From the overall performance level of economic traits, feed clones superior to control locust, with promotion potential areas in the trial on behalf of; ④ test mineral nutrients content of the material leaves more trial sites showed significant differences, indicating that they are vulnerable to site conditions affect; the ⑤ blade fodder major nutrients (crude protein, crude fat content) between the test site was no significant difference changes in the value of smaller locations, description of the universal significance of locust as Woody feed value; correlation analysis showed that ⑥ soil factors and meteorological factors indicators and feed type clones foliage production and leaf nutrient ingredient, meteorological factors annual evaporation, relative humidity, annual rainfall and foliage production indicators relationship is significant, significant relationship between temperature and leaf nutrition indicators; leaf nutrients content of soil pH, nutrient-rich (available phosphorus, organic matter) affect more foliage yield index soil texture, sand is its foliage yield performance of the most suitable sites; ⑦ tetraploid fodder clones economic traits suitable site for the of Qingyang Region the Huachi moat Forest and silver company gardens represent better soil fertility loamy site.

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