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Studies on Mechanism of Calcium and Calmodulin Antagonist in the Regulation of Heat Tolerance in Eggplant Seedlings

Author JiaKaiZhi
Tutor ChenGuiLin
School Agricultural University of Hebei
Course Olericulture
Keywords Eggplant High temperature stress Heat injury index Calcium Calmodulin Antagonist Membrane injury substances Antioxidant system
CLC S641.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) the summering production in vulnerable to high temperature hazards, seriously affect the yield and quality, therefore, how good eggplant is summering production, improve eggplant heat resistance is the urgent problem. Calcium is a plant growth and development necessary for a large number of elements, as even even physiological responses to extracellular signals and intracellular second messenger in plant cells plays an important role in regulating the Stress Signal transduction process. In this paper, the mechanism of the heat difference between the eggplant, the high temperature stress under TFP, W7 and Ca 2 of eggplant seedlings antioxidant system were studied, the results showed that: 1. 14 eggplant varieties were used to study the high-temperature heat injury index of eggplant seedlings, recovery index, electrolyte leakage, proline, soluble sugar content. The results show that the high temperature treatment of 43/38 ° C (day / night), elevated the eggplant seedlings thermal injury index, electrolyte leakage and proline content and soluble sugar content decreased. Heat injury index, recovery index, electrolyte leakage, proline content can be used as heat resistance of different eggplant varieties screening index, soluble sugar content is not appropriate for the heat screening index. 2.43/38 ° C (day / night) under high temperature processing, by measuring the different varieties of eggplant seedlings heat injury index, recovery index, electrolyte leakage, free proline content changes identified between the eggplant heat resistance difference. The results show that: The N1 (farmers eggplant) showed a strong heat resistance, the C2 (barbed red eggplant), F3 (2 Feng research,), F4 (Frunze eggplant), Y5 (Round Miscellaneous II), X6 (Xi'an Green eggplant), B7 (six leaves), Y8 (wild eggplant 2) the N9 (viscidula eggplant), B11 (five-leaf tomato) heat medium the K11 (fast round eggplant), R12 (b multitude eggplant ) and C13 (Solanum), G14 (Congo red eggplant) poor heat resistance. 3. To the farmers tomatoes and multitude eggplant seedlings, studied the exogenous Ca 2 and calmodulin antagonists TFP and W7 soaking treatment under high temperature stress the eggplant seedlings membrane injury substance (MDA and O < sub> 2 ), antioxidant enzymes (SOD and POD) activity. The results show that with the extension of the high temperature stress (40/40 ° C), TFP and W7 soaking treatment significantly increased the eggplant seedlings MDA content and the O 2 generate rate, at the same time, inhibition of SOD and POD activities rise; and the Ca 2 processing significantly reduce the eggplant seedlings under high temperature stress MDA content and O 2 generate rate increased SOD and POD activities. This implies the Ca 2 -CaM messenger system may reduce lipid peroxidation level by increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes, to adjust the adaptability of eggplant seedlings to heat stress. 4. To the farmers tomatoes and multitude eggplant seedlings as test materials, Ca 2 , TFP and W7 soaking treatment, research high temperature threatened to chase under the eggplant seedlings antioxidant penalty (OSH and Pro) content changes. The results show that, with the high temperature stress (40ho ° C) the extension of time, the GSH levels of total downward trend in Pro content was high and one low and one high trend. Wherein CF Processing able the honor light OSH destruction, accumulating Po, TFP and W7 Processing exacerbated the destruction of GSH and PrO product of which may be exogenous calcium regulation C A * f to AMA * f ~~ aM messenger system signal transduction, to catch one of the high to eggplant seedlings resistant to high Liao stress the physiological basis. 5.W7 and fi7 'pretreatment hinder CJ + - * u + - * u letter Kabuki system signal transduction, and o production start under high temperature stress eggplant seedlings \u0026 \CaM messenger systems, which regulate the activity of antioxidant enzymes and antioxidants with Laos, and enhance the antioxidant capacity of eggplant seedlings adapt Ko Kam adversity. High temperature, then speculated that the calcium messenger system can be expressed by regulation Keegan catch eggplant seedlings, indirect confirmed that T c /-case messenger systems play an important role in the process of tomato in the young Yin high temperature threatening side.

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