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The Clinical and Experimental Study of Treating Chronic Cholecystitis with Xiangqinglidan Decoction

Author ChengLiXin
Tutor CaoZhiQun
School Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Hong Green gallbladder fried Chronic cholecystitis Liver stagnation and spleen deficiency syndrome Chinese medicine treatment Shuganjianpi Choleretic qushi of Clearing away heat and pass through the pain
CLC R259.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In this paper, the traditional Chinese way of thinking , theory , clinical and experimental tripartite face chronic cholecystitis etiology and pathogenesis and Therapeutic conquer in-depth discussion , to seek a valid prescription for the treatment of chronic cholecystitis . In this paper, chronic cholecystitis, liver qi stagnation, spleen qi , and folders blood stasis , damp pathogenesis hypothesis , intended Shuganjianpi , the choleretic dampness , clearing away heat through the pain of the law , pursuant to which severance Prescription drug treatment chronic cholecystitis, liver and spleen deficiency syndrome , 46 cases of the control group with the 40 cases Xiaoyanlidan piece comparative Study . They were treated for 2 courses ( 2 months) , conducted a comprehensive assessment of symptoms, signs, tongue , pulse , gallbladder B ultrasound imaging , etc. . The results show that Hong Green Choleretic fried experimental group significant clinical effect efficiency of 73.91% , total effective rate was 89.13% , significantly better than Xiaoyanlidan control group ( P < 0.05 ) ; abdominal B ultrasound imaging studies show that the morphology and gallbladder systolic function improvement than the control group ; animal experiments show that the the Hong green gallbladder fried promoting bile secretion , increase bile flow , analgesic , anti-inflammatory role . Results show that liver qi stagnation , spleen qi , blood stasis heat each end is a traditional Chinese medicine pathogenesis of chronic cholecystitis, liver spleen card , Shuganjianpi , gallbladder dampness , clearing heat and pass through the pain of chronic cholecystitis Governance method, Hong green gallbladder fried treatment of chronic cholecystitis, liver spleen card not only has significant clinical efficacy, but has a solid pharmacological pharmacodynamic basis , to prove that the drug is effective compound for the treatment of chronic cholecystitis . Theoretically deepen the understanding of the pathogenesis of Chinese medicine for chronic cholecystitis , and put forward new ideas and treatment prescription treatment of the disease , made ??a good attempt to enrich the disease therapeutics .

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