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Effect of the Semen Sesami Nigrum Water Extract on Melanin Biosynthesis and Gene Expression in Murine Melanoma Cells in Mice

Author XuJiMin
Tutor HeGuangYuan
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords Black sesame seeds Tyrosinase Melanin The small eyes transcription factor (MITF) Tyrosinase-related protein -1 (TRP-1) Tyrosinase-related protein -2 (TRP-2)
CLC R285
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The occurrence of white hair is caused by melanocytes in the hair follicle tyrosinase enzyme activity decreased or loss of synthetic melanin dysfunction , lack of melanin in the hair shaft . Drugs commonly used in traditional medical treatment of white hair fleece-flower root , black sesame , currently more for Polygonum multiflorum efficacy studies , very few black sesame , white hair treatment . In order to study the efficacy and mechanism of action of black sesame seeds in the treatment of white hair , the subject using a water extraction the black sesame effective ingredients , mouse B16F1 melanoma cells as a model , the use of biochemistry, molecular biology and immunological methods , on the cellular and molecular level , the study of black sesame water extract of melanoma cell proliferation , tyrosinase activity melanogenesis and melanin synthesis pathway gene expression , and to explore the black sesame promote melanin production mechanism . Water extract of black sesame enables B16F1 melanoma cell proliferation rate and activity increased (P gt; 0.05); promote B16F1 melanoma cell tyrosinase activity increased significantly ( P lt; 0.05 ) , the amount of melanin production increased significantly. At the molecular level , the results of RT - PCR and Western , black sesame seeds aqueous extract can significantly promote the transcription and translation of the small eye abnormalities associated transcription factor (MITF) , transcription and translation of its main downstream gene tyrosinase (TYR) also presented synchronization enhancements , and the greater the concentration , enhanced the effect is more obvious ; tyrosinase -related protein the -1 (TRP-1) and tyrosinase-related protein -2 (TRP-2) expression without significant changes (P gt; 0.05). This topic confirmed black sesame water extract in vitro to a significant increase in melanoma cell activity of tyrosinase , effectively stimulate melanogenesis B16F1 melanoma cells , experimental results show that this effect might be MITF gene expression by promoting regulation of TYR gene enhanced expression of the mRNA and protein levels to complete .

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