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The Experiment about the Effect of the Acup-Uncture plus heat on the Nerve Growth Factor in the Chrpmoc Alcoholic peripheral neuropathy Rats

Author NiuXueRu
Tutor SunYuanZheng
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords Warm needle Chronic alcoholism peripheral neuropathy Nerve conduction velocity Nerve Growth Factor
CLC R245
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: To observe temperature for chronic alcoholism peripheral neuropathy (chronic alcoh-olic peripheral neuropathy CAPN) rat model of nerve conduction velocity, the ultrastructure and nerve growth factor, Evaluation warm acupuncture CAPN designed reveal the mechanism of action of the temperature for the treatment CAPN model rats treated found to The temperature needle treatment CAPN target of, warm acupuncture CAPN clinical promote new theoretical basis. Methods: 70 adult male Wistar rats, weighing 220 ± 30g, were randomly divided into 2 groups, the blank control group of 25 drinking water, chronic alcoholism model group 45 the freedom Drinking concentration increased from 6%, 9%, 12%, 5 days maintain feeding to 20% in February, March, 4 at the end of the two groups from each of five measured weight, tenderness threshold taken after sciatic nerve electrophysiological examination and light microscopy, electron microscopy sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglion pathological and ultrastructural changes, then modeling rats were randomly divided into model group, Methycobal group warm needling group. Using electrophysiology, pathology, immunohistochemistry, enzyme-linked immunosorbent and molecular biology, and other technical means to observe the temperature needle treatment of alcoholism peripheral neuropathy rat body weight, pressure threshold, sciatic nerve conduction velocity, sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglia pathology morphology as well as the sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglia of NGF expression. Results: 1 model group weight compared with the control group growth slow; 2, model group tenderness threshold value after 3 months significantly with higher than normal group, the difference significantly with sex (P lt; 0.05); 3, model group rat sciatic nerve conduction velocity slowed down compared with control group, the difference was significant (P lt; 0.01) 4. 4, the model group four months when the rat sciatic nerve HE staining shows axonal degeneration with secondary segmental demyelination, but no obvious abnormality ganglia structures. 5, after 4 weeks of treatment temperature needle to reduce the CAPN rat tenderness threshold; sciatic nerve conduction velocity, reduce the pathological changes of the sciatic nerve morphology, increase the expression of nerve growth factor in the sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglia results Methycobal group significant difference (P lt; 0.05). Conclusion: 1, temperature needle to reduce the CAPN rat tenderness threshold. 2, warm acupuncture can significantly speed up the the CAPN rat sciatic nerve conduction velocity. 3 warm acupuncture can improve the the CAPN rat sciatic nerve fiber demyelination and axonal 4 the warm needle can promote CAPN rat sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglion nerve growth factor expression.

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