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Chengdu, China talent market CRM application planning

Author WangYong
Tutor YanAn
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Business Administration
Keywords Recruitment and Careers Market Customer Relationship Management System Planning Data Warehouse Database Privacy
CLC F249.27
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Customer Relationship Management CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the use of information technology to strengthen management, customer-centric, to maximize their profits and customers to maximize the benefits of a marketing strategy and system integration, the role is to overcome the deficiencies of the traditional customer management, to avoid products and services homogenization tendencies and improve customer satisfaction. Rise and changes in customer demand, driven by technology and management concepts update three factors have an important relationship. CRM theory and technology was introduced to China in 1998, the domestic research and application of CRM is still in the exploratory stage, especially in the government-owned domestic talent market is not yet the case of CRM success of the system implementation case. The Western talent market is one of the earliest applications abroad CRM industry, such as MONSTER. In China, the talent market customer relationship management expressed great concern. Years of work experience of the talent market so I have a deep feeling on the domestic the talent market operation and drawbacks are increasingly feeling the to implement CRM urgency in the talent market. Sent by the head of the department responsible for the Sichuan breakout specific work as Chengdu, China talent market, I had the honor to be able to Chengdu, China talent market operations and information construction a more comprehensive understanding, well aware of China's accession to the WTO and the growing competition in the market exacerbate the environment, in Chengdu, China talent market has to improve customer service and enhance their competitiveness, the implementation of the urgent needs of the CRM system. I engaged in the the CRM theory of learning and research process, always thinking about the talent market in China should be how successful implementation and application of CRM system, and accumulated some experience and ideas, on this basis, combined with the status quo of China talent market in Chengdu and demand, the formation of the talent market in Chengdu CRM application planning \also intends to submit the article to Chengdu, China talent market leadership, want to be able to provide some valuable suggestions for the operation of the new company. This article Introduction to Chengdu, China talent market, theory, feasibility analysis, planning and control of the main risks of five parts. First China Chengdu talent market briefings, in order to study the CRM whether it is useful in the job market, whether it is feasible, we must recognize the whole picture of the talent market in Chengdu, China; basic overview of the theory and then introduce the LT; WP = 3 GT; CRM generated the development process, briefly CRM concepts and function, discussed in relationship management, process management and access management three CRM features. In view of the talent market unique characteristics and summary is still insufficient, the author specifically summarized several major features of the talent market CRM system should be different from other industry CRM system. The need to analyze part of the talent market in Chengdu, China from two aspects of the competitive environment and the operation and management of the implementation of CRM necessity analysis, combined with China talent market in Chengdu and other aspects of the feasibility analysis that the talent market in Chengdu implementation of CRM only necessary but also feasible. The fourth chapter is the key part of the thesis. Planning program is divided into four sections discuss. First discusses the talent market CRM needs analysis, channel integration, streamline business processes, demand forecasting, statistical analysis and data mining. Followed by a discussion of the The talent market should function modules, process management, access management and relationship management. Then CRM embodiment of, mainly on the self-developed with traditional systems development life cycle approach, resources from the package and prototyping as well as resources outsourcing method to arrive at the talent market should be taken to implement the revised package for the talent market. Finally, the implementation of the program of system planning steps are described, the first step is to determine the implementation of the strategy, the second step is to determine the implementation of the principles of CRM organization real-time team, the third step, the fourth step CRM product market research, the fifth step of the CRM product selection . Although existing IT application subsystem has been relatively stable and mature, however, in terms of talent market, there are still many potential or are unlikely to cause great importance but related to the success or failure of the CRM risk exists, risk control measures in the implementation of the CRM process is still very important . The author, based on their own experience in the last part of the paper pointed out the talent market CRM application planning business needs are too scattered, process reengineering lag seven major risk, and how to resolve the risk measures may dwell on the details.

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