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Epidemiological Survey of the HIV/Syphilis on the High-risk People from 2007-2008 from Liuzhou, Guangxi

Author ZhangYingXia
Tutor XiaoShuiYuan;LiMingQiang
School Central South University
Course Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Keywords High-risk groups Epidemiological characteristics HIV / syphilis positive rate HIV / syphilis infection influencing factors AIDS prevention and control strategies
CLC R181.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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[Objective] (1) Description 2007 2008 Liuzhou at high risk of HIV / syphilis infection; (2) 2007 2008 Liuzhou AIDS high-risk groups epidemiological characteristics, grasp the impact of HIV / syphilis infection factors provide an early warning for HIV / syphilis; (3) compare HIV / syphilis infection influencing factors change, provide a scientific basis for the future development of AIDS interventions and evaluation of intervention effects. [Method] (1) the use of continuous cross-sectional survey methodology, national Ai Center to develop a unified research programs and commercial sex workers (CSW), drug users (DU) and MSM (MSM) questionnaire and reagents, collected 2007 , two years, three types of target population behavior characteristics and serological results information, analysis: ① sample characteristics, including demographic and behavioral characteristics (sex, drug abuse, treatment behavior); ② HIV / syphilis detection rate, including inspection out rate and its distribution, characteristics and impact of HIV / syphilis positive factors of HIV / syphilis infection; ③ HIV / syphilis infection influencing factors change; (2) sample acquisition method of three types of people: CSW stratified sampling and random sampling the DU using snowball sampling method, MSM using convenience sampling and snowball sampling method; (3) Data Processing Methods: EpiData3.1 entry questionnaire SPSS13.0 analysis and processing data. [Results] 1 characteristics of the sample :2007-2008 completed questionnaires and collected blood samples of 2148 qualified respondents, the CSW 851 people, the DU807 people, MSM 490 people. ① sociodemographic characteristics: CSW, MSM mainly in the 15-25 years old, the DU in 30-40 years old; three Han, DU locals, CSW, MSM has significant liquidity; three more for Single, MSM highest education; (2) sex characteristics: CSW: first sex with a median age of 18 years old, the first commercial sexual activity with a median age of 20 years old, an annual average of 7 months in the sex trade, an average of 20 days per month pick up; the last business day average guests with a commercial sex in the last week the average pick up 7 guests condom use was significantly better than the spouse / cohabitant; DU: 43.1% recently a month to have sex, but only 39% condoms, 33.1% last year sexual relationship with your spouse once a week or more; 34 in favor of some other person to provide sexual services, 70.3% of the last sexual intercourse use condoms in order to obtain drug money, 75.7% in the last year, and sometimes the use of condoms, each user only 5.4%; last commercial sex, condom use is higher than with their spouses and casual partners; the DU rare homosexual sex; MSM: the first sexual behavior with a median age of 20 years old, first insert sex with a median age of 25 years old, 67.3% MSM sexual partners for men having sex with different objects are not high rate of condom use; (3) drug abuse characteristics: CSW, MSM rare drug abuse, DU common pin rate is relatively high; ④ sexually transmitted diseases and treatment: CSW STD symptoms in most, more to the general hospital, DU select STD specialist out-patient, and the MSM likes to private clinics; ⑤ get the AIDS-related services: more than half of high-risk groups to get a wide range of services, TV, free promotional materials is the main channel of access to information. 2.HIV / syphilis detection rate: (1) CSW, DU, MSM in HIV detection rate: 0.24%, 18% and 1.40%, syphilis detection rate: 1.88%, 4% and 5.3%; ( 2) HIV / syphilis positive characteristics: positive CSW younger, unmarried, locals, AIDS awareness is low, the quality of the sites; positive DU drugs for the first time young age, female, married, divorced, common-pin high, spouse drug use; positive MSM unmarried, divorced more proportion of low educational level, economic status, AIDS awareness, all three of unprotected sex; (3) the impact of HIV / syphilis infection factors: (1) CSW : age at first sex, marital status, quality of the sites, condom use and service conditions, low quality of the sites, age at first sex and do not use condoms with regular partners is a risk factor for each sex The condom is a protective factor, can reduce the risk of infection; ② DU: education, marriage, for the first time drug users age, spouse drug abuse No, drug addicts time and whether or not to share needles and syringes, unmarried and shared needles with risk factors; ③ MSM: age, marriage, culture extent, the first time they are inserted into the age of sexual behavior, condom use for anal sex, risk factors are divorced and low level of education. Changes of 3.HIV / syphilis infection influencing factors: the CSW, DU AIDS awareness improved significantly improve the rate of condom use in commercial sex, condom use with regular partners has not changed; MSM of AIDS awareness and behavior has not changed; DU common pin rates dropped significantly; increase in the number of services. [Conclusion] 1. Liuzhou CSW, DU and MSM in HIV detection rate: 0.24%, 18% and 1.40%, respectively, syphilis detection rate: 1.88%, 4% and 5.3% in the low to medium. Impact of HIV / syphilis infection risk factors include: CSW: age at first sex and do not use condoms with regular partners is a risk factor for sex use condoms every time is a protective factor, you can reduce the risk of infection ; ● The DU: unmarried and needle sharing risk factors; ● MSM: risk factors is divorced and low level of education.

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