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Effect of Heterologous Sperm on Gynogenetic Pengze Crucian Carp (Carassius Auratus) and Isozyme Analysis among Three Strains of Crucian Carp

Author CuiZuo
Tutor ZhaoJun;ChenXiangHu
School South China Normal University
Course Zoology
Keywords Carassius auratus Gynogenetic The allogynogenetic effect Isoenzyme Carp Strain
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Vertical plate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to stimulate the Carassius auratus estrogen nuclear development during embryonic development and offspring adult isozyme expression in different organizations conduct a comparative study of homologous and heterologous sperm. The results showed that the homologous and heterologous sperm excited during embryonic development in the MDH, LDH and SOD isozyme expression, there are obvious differences fully explain the presence of the biological effects of different fine. MDH of the difference between two points, ① in the homologous sperm excited embryo, MDH6 'expression disappeared after Zhixin Bo period, the heterologous sperm excited embryo MDH6' continued expression to hatch; ② hatch The embryonic period heterologous sperm excited than homologous sperm embryos excited more the the two bands MDH4 'MDH5'. LDH differences in performance the the heterologous sperm excitation embryos in the mid gastrula 4 with more than homologous sperm (LDH9 'to 12') to muscle systolic. The SOD isozymes difference in performance in the the heterologous sperm excited embryo in the the eye melanin period and hatching more than homologous sperm excited embryo the two enzyme with (SOD1 'SOD2'). Isoenzyme expression in EST and ME homologous and heterologous sperm excited embryonic almost no difference. Sea carp sperm is a better way to stimulate exogenous sperm of different sperm stimulate the Carassius auratus gynogenetic offspring growth effect studies confirmed the presence of different fine effect. Of different fine inspire Carassius auratus female the nuclear developmental offspring and its maternal Pengze crucian carp and paternal sea carp serum, muscle protein, as well as heart, liver, kidney, brain, eyes and other organizations esterase (EST), malic acid off A comparative study of the electrophoretic pattern of catalase (MDH), malic acid enzyme (ME), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). Found: heterologous offspring serum, muscle protein and isoenzyme electrophoresis pattern of the female parent Pengze crucian carp significantly different paternal sea carp, speculated that the the heterologous sperm's role may be to future generations at the DNA level. The impact of this effect is not expressed in the adult isozyme expression. A comparative study of the three carp strains of different organization isoenzyme electrophoresis pattern revealed Pengze crucian carp and silver crucian carp, at least at the biochemical level there has been significant differentiation, probably originated in the different regions, the independent evolution. Pengze Crucian and silver crucian carp D Department isoenzyme electrophoretic patterns including the and wild crucian basic enzyme with, and wild crucian carp, Carassius auratus the esterase isozymes electrophoresis pattern is particularly similar speculated Pengze crucian carp and silver crucian carp originated in the wild crucian carp, Carassius auratus and wild crucian carp close relationship and silver crucian carp and wild crucian carp distantly related.

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