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3D Shape Measurement for Dynamic Objects Based on Fourier Transform Profilometry

Author ZhangQiCan
Tutor SuXianYu
School Sichuan University
Course Optics
Keywords Fourier transform profilometry Dynamic three-dimensional shape measurement Vortex surface shape Leaf deformation
CLC O439
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Dynamic process D shape measurement in machine vision, fluid dynamics , high-speed rotation, material deformation , detonation process , biomedical and other fields has important significance and broad application prospects. Active D sensing optical measurement technique, since the Fourier transform profilometry (FTP) has only a fringe pattern deformed surface shape of the object can be restored advantages , especially suitable for dynamic three-dimensional shape measurement process . In this paper, the basic theory , spectral filtering, phase calculation , phase unwrapping , etc., on the FTP-based dynamic objects shape measurement method to do a detailed analysis and discussion. For the first time to broaden the FTP optical measurement methods applied to fluid mechanics and high-speed rotating object field of study, level changes proposed for dynamic processes and high-speed rotating object three-dimensional shape measurement methods , design and implementation of dynamic measurement systems to study the dynamic measurement, surface shape information acquisition and processing scheme is proposed for dynamic calculation of the surface shape measurement phase and phase expansion method . In experimental studies , reflective properties for the liquid surface it is proposed to overcome in order to obtain better system configuration of the measurement results . Designed for dynamic surface shape measurement of the optical system devices and use them to complete the dynamic liquid surface shape measurement , and reproduce the dynamic level of the change process , as fluid mechanics research provides a new approach. This paper also designed a state of the blade for rotating three-dimensional shape measurement of the optical system , complete with rotating synchronized strobe light control circuit design and production, and presented on the experimental program of preliminary consideration . To lay the foundation for further experiments . The theoretical analysis and experimental studies have shown that the existing computer and image capture technology , based on the Fourier transform profilometry for the dynamic deformation process in the three-dimensional shape measurement of objects is entirely feasible , and with computer technology and semiconductor further development of technology , this method will hydrodynamics, material deformation , stress analysis, real-time detection , dynamic monitoring and other fields greater attention and widely used.

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