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The Research on Folk Beliefs of Different Region Concerning Ghosts, Gods, Sages between China and Vietnam

Author ZhengQingQing
Tutor FanHongGui
School Guangxi University for Nationalities
Course Asian - African Language and Literature
Keywords Vietnam Folk beliefs Heterologous Ghost sacred worship
CLC B933
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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China and Vietnam are linked by common mountains and rivers , between the two countries in the political , economic, cultural and other aspects are inextricably linked . From ancient times , the Vietnamese culture by the profound influence of Chinese culture , especially spiritual beliefs impact is particularly evident . Vietnamese spiritual beliefs stages of development include the early protohistoric periods counties , vassal period , the time of independence . Faith mainly animistic worship of the primitive period , the county during the the the incoming Chinese culture and Confucianism , Taoism and Buddhism deities saint worship , the local deities systematic the vassal period under the impact of the Vietnam national spirit beliefs to the time of independence to continue development of folk beliefs . Vietnam folk belief system , there are many the more heterologous Vietnamese folk beliefs , , especially ghost sacred beliefs . Natural God , these folk beliefs , including the early original period animism concept left over from the formation of the County during the Vietnam under the influence of the Chinese language beliefs localization supernatural God and mascot the vassal period of human Gods made ??under various people in modern society artificially enhance certain beliefs . The article combination of Marxist theory of religion , folk beliefs theory and anthropology , language and culture , science and other theoretical and academic knowledge , a more comprehensive and systematic study of Vietnamese folk beliefs in heterologous ghost sacred worship , in order to understand the spirit of the Vietnamese people belief in the development process , revealing contains cultural significance behind these phenomena : the formation and development of the Vietnamese people of God and the Gods made ??reaction process of the development of Vietnam 's national consciousness convey the Vietnamese national indigenous agriculture , natural God and the flora and fauna of God worship culture , and the exemplary role of the saints has certain social functions . Ghost Holy Faith not only have a significant impact on the social life of the Vietnamese people , and also had a significant impact on people 's spiritual and cultural life . Vietnamese folk beliefs in heterologous holy ghost of formation and development , to deepen the understanding of the Vietnamese people and the Vietnamese society, culture , and contribute to the development of Sino-Vietnamese friendship .

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