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Study on the Transmission of Photons for the Open Interaction System between the Cavity and Atomic Ensembles

Author JingLiLi
Tutor ZhuHongBo
School Northeast Normal University
Course Theoretical Physics
Keywords atomic ensemble damping transmission of photons coherence
CLC O431.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The coupling between the atoms in an ensemble and the light field will deduce the collective excitation of atoms in the limit of large polarization. The interacting system is one of the models for the larger quantum computation. The open system due to the damping of cavity field, even the damping of atomic transitions will display more complex dynamical characteristics.The transmission of photons from a leaking cavity is analyzed in details for the mentioned-above combined system. For the case of strong coupling, the analytical discussion for the photon number is given. The impaction of the parameters on the steady mean-values of photon number is sketched, as well as that of the quantum states of the full system.The oscillation of the photon number is more obvious for the coherent states than that for the number states, which is corresponding to the quite high-order correlation of the coherent states. On the contrary, the photon number does not reveal so many oscillations as the system was prepared in the number states. The high-order emission and absorption can be neglected at all. For the enough long evolution, the photon number goes to a steady value. The coherence of number decreases along the line of coherent states, to the direct product of coherent state and number state, even to number states. Additionally, the dependence of the number on time exactly reveals the level structure of the system.

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