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Separation of Eucommia powder the ultrasonic extraction preparation process and chlorogenic acid in Eucommia leaf

Author PengMiJun
Tutor YinDongHong
School Hunan Normal University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Eucommia leaf Eucommia powder Chlorogenic acid Ultrasonic wave Extract Separate Analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Eucommia flour ( Eucommia extract powder ) low temperature ultrasonic extraction process of the new method . A more systematic study of the raw materials used , the extraction process, purification methods , the results show that the low temperature ultrasonic extraction of new technology and ultrafiltration new technology , Eucommia powder prepared with the traditional high-temperature frying formulation compared Eucommia fine significantly improve the content of the active ingredients in the powder ( trace elements , amino acids and chlorogenic acid , etc.) , the extraction rate of 56.7% , 35.3% reduction in total sugar content , prepared flour products good stability , gloss , knotless block, and all water-soluble . Using orthogonal effect of the ultrasonic frequency , extraction temperature, extraction time and solid-liquid ratio of factors to obtain the optimal process parameters for : ultrasonic frequency 13kHz, temperature 50 ℃ , time 45min, solid to liquid ratio of 1:8 ; using the natural settling agents purification methods alternative to the traditional alcohol sedimentation process, reducing the consumption of a concentration process the energy consumption and an organic solvent , the organics secondary pollution can be prevented . Eucommia powder extraction process based on the paper of the the Eucommia main medicinal active ingredient chlorogenic acid separation process system . Selection of raw materials extraction process, purification methods were explored . The results showed that : dried before the deciduous Eucommia leaf extract Eucommia chlorogenic acid raw materials as well ; Eucommia chlorogenic acid soluble in ethanol and acetone , solubility in cold water , hot water solubility , according to comprehensive analysis of the selection of water ; chlorogenic acid extraction solvent for heat-sensitive material , the use of ultrasonic low temperature extraction only improve the extraction rate also guarantees effective active ingredient is not destroyed ; ultrafiltration ( separation ) to remove protein macromolecules without organic solvent alcohol Shen phase transition occurs , and chlorogenic acid does not decompose , less losses , and finally using macroporous resin further separation , this process is not only easy to operate , the column material is renewable , and to improve the purity of the product . Extraction after recrystallization content of 74.74% chlorogenic acid products .

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