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The Two Capitals War Study of the Yuan Dynasty

Author NiuXiQiang
Tutor HuXiaoPeng
School Northwest Normal University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Yuan Dynasty Affect Two are War
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Yuan Dynasty Mongolian aristocracy established the Central Plains , the instrument made ??obvious with the duality of color . Yuan Dynasty throne succession issue has not been resolved , resulting in the Yuan Dynasty in the late struggle to compete for the throne is increasingly fierce . Yuan rulers to take different measures to \However , the two are of the post-war for the Yuan Dynasty rulers beating both the the Yuan rulers rule base , and the social conditions of the Yuan Dynasty are hurt relatively large , resulting in a significant the impact . It can be said the eschatological joy Timur $ Shundi off the chaos foreshadowed . The text consists of five parts : The first part is an overview of the yuan two are to discuss the importance of the two are , respectively, of the yuan on the Dadu political , military status , clarifies the battle of the two are space conditions . Discussion of the Yuan Dynasty are Xunxing system can clarify the battle of the two are the institutional conditions that may occur . The second part examines the reasons for the outbreak of the battle of the two are . The interests of the ruling clique and powerful absolute monarchy with clan contradictions of public property and the transfer of imperial power reallocation discussed in two aspects . The third part discusses the Battle of the Two after results. The fourth part discusses two overcome the negative reasons . Central figure on both the Group and most of the Group in the battle of the two are inverted assassination the sand and Yantiemuer personal to the contrast between the two are the material basis for the support the contrast and strategy deployment to explore both overcome the negative . Part V explore the the affected historical significance of the two are Battle . The the Mongolian aristocracy foundation has been weakened , the color target groups of the Hui people economic and political forces weakened , the de facto ruler of the era , social conflicts and other aspects to explore the impact of the Battle of the Yuan Dynasty, two are .

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