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Late Spring and Autumn Lu Chen traitorously

Author SuQingFang
Tutor ShiJianQun;JiangJianShe
School Zhengzhou University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Late Spring and Autumn State of Lu Retainer traitorously Patriarchal feudal system
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Year 2009
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The retainers specifically refers to the management of the family and fief affairs , officials in the West 21st - 4th period Bureaucrats home . As a dependent on the special groups of the ruling class , they incurred since the beginning of the week when you started Bureaucrats House plays a very important role . After the late Western Zhou Dynasty , with the the patriarchal enfeoffment power level downward movement , the retainers the Group gradually gained greater development and began to play an important role in the national political arena . Late Spring and Autumn , retainers traitorously phenomenon appeared frequently makes this group becomes more impressive . Retainers insurgency is concentrated in adhering Zhou known to Lu , and mostly occurred in the Spring and Autumn Period Zhao , will be mourning Excellencies the reign of a few decades , the reason for this is its specific historical reasons : First , the Spring and Autumn Period State of Lu fierce public and private struggle to provide the opportunity for the expansion of the retainers strength ; Secondly , the socio-economic development and the resulting weakening of the patriarchal dependency is a the retainers traitorously problem generated catalyst ; once again , tetrarch system abuses and the backwardness of the State of Lu 's system of local administration is the root cause of retainers repeated rebel problems ; the important reasons In addition , the State of Lu old patriarchal - type retainers forces the powerful also traitorously problems . The above reasons led to the emergence of the problem Lu national minister repeated rebel . The retainers traitorously phenomenon is actually a reflection of the Zhou Dynasty the patriarchal enfeoffment level structure was destroyed . It not only reflects the continuous weakening of the old patriarchal dependency , more prominently display the the weekly build patriarchal political order in the the lowest quartile Lu Guogui family collapsed . In retainers traitorously events appear frequently brought a heavy blow to the three桓House Lu leads force decreases . However , the rebellion occurred Bureaucrats who makes the State of Lu saw the drawbacks of the old patriarchal nature retainers , forcing them to reform and gradually replace the old patriarchal Patriarchal scholars of Confucian disciples of the old retainers appointments system retainers. These have had a very positive impact on the rise of the \

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