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Early Tudor England nautical activities ( 1480-1509 )

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In the end of 15 century, when Portugal and Spain were actively preparing and planning the far sail and exploration, British was also eager to have a try. Second half of in the 15 century, England had become advanced country. On the politic, in 1453 a hundred years war was over and the red and white rose war also ended in 1485.The British political situation was stable and built up Tudor dynasty, the monarch absolutist system formed gradually. On the economy, the agriculture, handicraft and business of England all developed quickly and became an economic flourishing nation in Europe. In the relation of producing and social class, in the 15 century, the serf system had been exterminated, propertied class and new noble were gradually rising, England became a capitalism nation. On the voyage, the voyage industry of England also quickly grew up. The beginning of 15 century England established "businessman pioneer" company and it engaged in sea transportation and competed with Hanse. The British shippes appeared at everywhere in the western coast of Europe and also armed escort. At the same time, the fishery of England also quickly developed. The British fishing boats often went to deep sea in north Atlantic Ocean and even often arrive Iceland to go fishing. Therefore, England joined in the row of voyage exploration and-geography discovery in the end of 15 century. Bristol, the harbor in the southwestern England, was fishery center and became the center and base of voyage exploration and geography discovery of British. Under the support of King HenryⅦ,the voyage exploration in early Tudor raised a historical purdah. From 1480 to 1509 these voyages and explorations was the first stage of Tudor and also marked the coming of British geography discovery age. The purpose of their voyages was from looking for new group of Islands, new land and developing business trade turned into arrive east to obtain spice and developed the northwest passage of Asia, In early Tudor the voyages was an important affair in Tudor’s history, it not only enriched British voyage knowledge and experience but also made British acquired the knowledge of more geography, and still emolliently pushed the work that British looked for the northwest passage and did outstanding contribution for geography discovery. In early Tudor the voyages not only promoted the quick development of native fishery, strengthened the economic power but also provided prior condition for England colonized North America and laid the solid foundation for British became the first on sea and oversea extended in Elizabeth’s age of Tudor. This text mainly from three aspects:background, process and influence carry on an initial study to this problem.This text is mainly divided into three parts. The first part mainly analyzes and discusses the age background of the voyages in early Tudor’s days. In the end of 15 century, Western Europe had already broken through barrier and welcome modern first light. Renaissance and Religion reform pushed Europe’s modernization, the physical geography knowledge and voyage shipbuilding technique of Europe for the voyages in early Tudor’s days provided intelligence factor and technique condition; At the same time, Tudor’s society politic and economy developed rapidly in early days and the new modern nation state was forming. So under this environment, England also started her own voyage age.The second part mainly elaborates and analyzes the different stages and different purpose of voyages in early Tudor’s days. The purpose of their voyages was from looking for legendary mysterious lands and islands and developing business trade turned into arrive east to obtain spice and developed the northwest passage of Asia.The third part mainly discusses the influence and meaning of the voyages in early Tudor’s days. The voyage exploration and geography discovery was the most important history affair and process at later Middle Ages and early modern in the whole world, had the most profound meaning and influence. As an important part, the voyages in early Tudor also had a prominent function, not only promoted the development of native capitalism but also did indelible contribution for geography discovery.

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