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Studies on Rearing Silkworm with Pellet Artificial Diet

Author ChengAnZuo
Tutor CuiWeiZheng
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Special Economic Animal Feeding
Keywords Silkworm Pellet Artificial Diet Ingestive behavior Growth and development Rearing Techniques Practical
CLC S883.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Silkworm artificial diet is a landmark of sericulture in the history of technological innovation, has incomparable superiority of mulberry leaves infertility, our the sericulture future development direction. At present, both in theory and practical aspects there are still many problems to be solved. Ordinary cooking and artificial feed exists with the high cost and cumbersome processing modulation process, keeping technical difficulty, silkworm feeding sex feed storage transport difficulties, as well as no dedicated silkworm varieties and other issues, the limits of small silkworm artificial feed sterility of the utility of . Artificial pellet diet can overcome many of the shortcomings of the ordinary feed, and is conducive to promote the application in production. In this paper, artificial pellet feed processing the active ingredients, silkworm feeding pellet feed and its impact factors, digestion and absorption and conversion efficiency, feed pellets modulation method and sericulture technology, small silkworm Pellet Artificial Diet practical were discussed, and obtained the following results. An artificial pellet feed processing less destructive of the active ingredients in the feed, the crude protein content of the basic no change in feed pellets of the same recipe and cooking feed, pellet feed the Vc save significantly higher than the digester feed, while the coarse The fat content is less than the digester feed. 2, silkworms feed crude protein digestion and absorption rate of particles above the digester feed, contrary to the crude fat digestion and absorption rate. Extrusion can improve the intrinsic quality of the feed to improve feed digestibility. 3, Bombyx mori pellet feed has good adaptability, no significant difference in olfactory response and feeding reaction with steaming slice feed. 4, pellet feed plus water and light conditions on the ingestive behavior significantly. The amount of water in the range of 1.6 to 1.8 times silkworm feeding best. Feeding under different light conditions: the dark sterile natural light> full day light. 5, the the particle feed water increases with the growth and development of the silkworm has a lot to feed dry weight of 1.8 times, the small silkworm suitable amount of water, large silkworm 1.6 times. As long as the feed absorbent full, uniform, and the growth and development of the water absorption time of silkworms no significant effect, taking into account the feed dispersion and to the bait operation, the suction time is preferably about 1h. 6, the increase of the to bait the number of times there is conducive to the growth and development of small silkworm. 1 ~ 2 instar silkworm optimal to bait the amount of 50mg / head; appropriate stocking density of 1.5 / cm ~~ 2; unit silkworm weight food under the amount within a certain range, no obvious correlation to the bait the amount and stocking density ; With the increase and reduce stocking density to the amount of the bait, the the silkworm total amount of food under the increase, but food under decreased. Pellet feed REARING environment significantly affect the growth and development of the silkworm, including temperature and light are key factors. Small silkworm best a dark sterile scores of 29 ~ 30 ℃, with the improvement of the age, the optimum temperature decreased gradually. There is a certain degree of interaction between temperature and light. 8, pellet feed, add 0.01% to 0.2% Vc no significant effect on the feeding of the silkworm, add 0.2% to 0.4% Vc can increase sleep silkworm weight more than 0.6%, significantly inhibited; growth and development , Vc the optimal addition amount of 0.25%. 1 to 2 age of pellet feed without additional add 0.1% Vb Vb 3 age after sleep silkworm weight can increase. Pellet feed, add a certain amount of inositol in to promote silkworm feeding and growth and development, the optimum dosage of 0.4%. Sucrose role in promoting growth and development and feeding the contrary, excessive addition will increase feed viscosity, inhibit the growth and development of the silkworm. Silkworm varieties and ingestive behavior of a great relationship, the the ordinary silkworm varieties pines x Haoyue superior adaptability polyphagous silkworm feed pellets, and belong to between polyphagous different varieties also have some differences. 10 Production tests showed the small silkworm feeding pellet feed is slightly lower than the mulberry leaf, 1 ~ 2 instar instar through than mulberry leaves education extended, but Change the mulberry leaves infertility, developmental After basically the same, and slightly The shorter than mulberry leaves weighing less than education, age before sleep silkworm mulberry leaves education, growth accelerated in the third instar and higher than Sang meter Bu education. In addition on the the cocoons rate and cocooning rate slightly lower than the mulberry leaf sterile particles diet rearing cocoon quality indicators were slightly higher than the full age of mulberry leaves education. 11, on the basis of the system test study, to improve feeding, growth and development and rearing scores goal, according to China's national conditions, the small silkworm particles diet rearing breeding technology system developed small rural silkworm total sterility requirements keeping technical specifications. 2 instar particles artificial diet silkworm production co-culture techniques, improve work efficiency 5 times more than ordinary cooking diet rearing, than mulberry leaves education increased by more than 10 times, and improve overall economic efficiency of 20% *.

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