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On the Display Design of Traditional Chinese Art of the Beauty of Artistic Conception

Author WangLei
Tutor ZhangAiMin
School Hebei Normal
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Traditional culture Exhibition Design Visual elements Imagery Construction Merge
CLC J525.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the rapid development of science and technology as well as the improvement of people's material life and spiritual living standards in the modern era, the exhibition as a social nascent industry to develop rapidly in the process of creation and acceptance of, interaction between designers and the audience the spirit of the exchange. Show the combination of design and art is an interactive, each other to rely on, so in this interactive exchange among the exhibition design is also possible to shorten the distance between the designer and the audience aesthetic requirements. The embryonic form of the presentation of the arts, as early as in ancient times, there have been, however, show design in China started relative to other countries is relatively late, show design gradually get the attention of many experts and scholars and rapid development from two the tenth century, show that the design has just started at that time, therefore, industry standards and design rules are not mature, is also basically a form of imitation of foreign-based inherent profound traditional culture, however, few in the show designs mentioned performance, so in the country, the works on display design with traditional Chinese culture is still relatively small. It is based on this case, we proceed from the point of view of traditional Chinese aesthetics, combined to show the depth of design in China's development of display design of traditional Chinese art showed the mood of the United States. The paper is divided into five parts: introduction part introduces the purpose and significance of this research, and the research trends at home and abroad, and to make clear the study limited. In the first chapter, the origin and development of ancient Chinese display design, discusses showcase design traditional aesthetics from the audience's aesthetic trends, pointing out that the aesthetic needs of the audience, as well as lead to the creation of display design, aesthetic characteristics Prospects and innovation. In addition, while perfect display design will bring viewers aesthetic change to higher pursuit updated each other between the two will trigger Secondly, the paper describes the show the design of the \initiation, nexus, laid a solid aesthetic foundation for the development and application of traditional Chinese art in the exhibition design by describing the history of the development of display design. In the second chapter, a concrete manifestation of mood in China exhibition design. Investigate the expression of \kinds of design methods can cause a huge impact worldwide. In the third chapter, the overall shape of the 2010 World Expo China Pavilion, Riverside, and the use of Chinese characters as an example, from the colors, shapes, and materials exposition of traditional Chinese aesthetics embodied in the display design mood. Chapter IV, by contrast, the outlook clarifies show has the characteristics of traditional Chinese aesthetic design with the contemporary meaning and its value. Display design in traditional aesthetic pursuit and carry forward and cultivate the spirit of traditional aesthetic and display design guidelines for new development direction, but also a huge cultural and economic benefits to society brought, in addition, reflect more deeply with the vitality of modern display design combines traditional Chinese art. Finally, in the concluding remarks summed up the great country of China has five thousand years of history and civilization, on its tradition of great potential, as well as exhibition design in the world within the process of rapid development, China's traditional aesthetic elements increased emphasis. The stronger traditional display design, it has the stronger international design plays a very important role in the development of the domestic Chinese traditional culture show, which will also help to improve China show stage design in the international exhibition industry on the status.

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