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Chinese-English repeat alternative Ellipsis and translation

Author ZhangQingMing
Tutor ChuZeXiang
School Hunan Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords English Contrast Repeat Substitute Omission Translation
CLC H315.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Each language has a distinguished from the application of the language means obvious features of another language. It is these characteristics, resulting in a translation problem. In order to solve these problems, the majority of translators, translation lovers multi-faceted, multi-level research, summed up many effective methods and techniques. Translation theory is built on the basis of comparative linguistics is respected. Mr. Lv Shuxiang said, \Chinese with English compared to let him through this comparison more profound experience. \The above comparison is based, I also agree with this basic position, but I think, if only to contrast the establishment of above language superficial, purely SVO analysis is superficial contrast. Want the translation to the cause of progress, more theoretical significance and practical value, it is necessary to explore the relationship between language and thought. Explore the nature of the relationship between language, thought, between the original and the translation can further reveal the similarities and differences between the different languages, in order to further reveal the essence of translation. Understanding of the objective world, start thinking from a specific thing, a specific things thinking will form a thinking stream, this stream of thinking is constituted by the many languages ??in the form of significance. For example, we speak often fight a plan, which is based on the internal language organized in the form of a stream of thinking, and then use the different language to express them, this is the particularity of the language. But no matter what language, must be complete and consistent reproduction of that stream of thinking. The conversion of the translation should be to convert the contents of a speech, a speech content into another verbal thinking. Repeated substitution and omitted in the English language usage is different, but the thinking behind them the contents of the stream is the same, because in order to carry out the conversion between languages. Chinese nation tend to repeat means, the English nation commonly used alternative and omitted to avoid duplication. Why is there such a difference? Because language is the carrier of thinking, different ways of thinking will inevitably produce a different language forms of expression. Contrast holistic thinking and individual thinking, the main thinking, intuitive thinking and aesthetic psychology of the Chinese people pay attention even symmetry reveals focus on repeated Chinese English focus on alternative and omitted the internal causes. These deep contrast to further explain the difference between Chinese and English, is conducive to the exchange between the Chinese and English languages. This framework, and the essence can be divided as follows: Part 1: theoretical analysis, to explore in Chinese and English from Western modes of thinking and aesthetic ideas differ Discrimination repeat, alternative and omitted means use the internal causes of the difference. Part 2: Comparative Analysis of Chinese and English repetition, substitution and omitted means the difference. Part 3: translation studies, on the basis of comparative analysis to explore the use of of repeated skills in translating English into Chinese, but also demonstrated in Chinese and English Language Exchange, repetition, alternative and omitted means are mutually intertwined, translation To utilize. Part 4: Conclusion by the Chinese and English languages, repetition, substitution and Ellipsis some exploratory discussion, the paper argues that the overall thinking of the Han nationality, the main thinking and intuitive thinking is the Chinese focus on repeat, simple Parataxis the trend of dynamic rational roots; focus on alternative and omitted English this Hypotaxis characteristics of natural selection is made by the Western nations in accordance with the individual thinking of their language development trend. Translation should consciously respect the facts of each language.

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