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Preliminary Exploration public network literature

Author LiLi
Tutor ZhaoYanQiu;MaoXuanGuo
School Hunan Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords network literature popularity individualism flat-dimension treachery diversity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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The development of network literature is the concomitant of new rising digital media. The openness of the net media brings network literature the characteristic of popularity. The article aims to analyze the popularity of network literature bases on the characteristics of net media, which will provide us a new angle of view to understand network literature. Moreover, we can get more acquaintance with the characteristics and the developing laws of network literature, and establish corresponding estimate laws which are differ from the traditional ones, to standardize the development of network literature.The article consists of five parts. Chaper one discusses the soul of the popularity of network literature and its form. The popularity of network literature is determined by its characteristics of net media in the final analysis. The popularity, on the one side, would be seen in the free participation of the public, the interactive communion of readers and and writers, and on the other side, would be seen in the freedom of the network. The soul of the popularity of network literature is a spirit of equality and freedom.The following discuss is on the details of the popularity of network literature. It consists of four parts:Chapter two is on the characteristics of individualism. Free expression of public and free publication of network literature make the net writing become a way of catharsis and a desire to entertain the writer himself. Therefore, the network literature always describe the private lives of individuals, and have a style of individualism.Chapter three is on the characteristic of flat- dimension. As a non-orthodox and non-profession writing, the network literature do notvalue the significance. At the same time, the fast reading and writing style set by network in turn also decides the trend of network literature which neglects the integrated meanings and focuses merely on writing skill, to put it in another way, a flat-dimension way.Chapter four devotes mainly to the treachery characteristic. The utterance freedom of the public make it a fact that the network literature allow a margin for some works which hold non-proactive attitude or diverting attitude to the main stream literature. At the same time, as network keeps growing, the non- mainstream trend of pondering on the reality evolutes further into the suspicious of the network itself.Chapter five put most words on the diversity of network literature. The possibility of free participation predicts the diversity of network literature. The diversity could be found on topics, styles and formalities. The complicated structure of the mass public results in the diversity of the network literature.

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