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The Lost Generation

Author XieZuoFang
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School Fujian Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Hemingway The Sun Also Rises The Snows of Kilimanjaro Weapon Nobel Prize in Literature American youth Fitzgerald The Old Man and the Sea Short story Hero
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Year 2003
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This paper aims spokesperson Hemingway discusses the \Its pen shape of some of the characters embody the qualities of a \\This paper intends discusses these works around the \This thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter is divided into three parts, and mainly discusses Hemingway their writings. The first part describes the life of Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway, the Nobel Prize winner, is one of the outstanding writers of the United States and the history of world literature. Hemingway was born in 1898 in a village in the Chicago suburbs - Oak Park. Clever father's medical knowledge, a passion for outdoor activities, mother Congregational followers, quite artistic accomplishment. Great parents Hemingway. In 1917, Hemingway in the Kansas City Star reported that when a trainee reporter. The following year, he volunteered to the Italian front when the ambulance driver, two seriously injured, but won the honor. He returned to the United States in 1919, married in 1921. In 1922, he served as a reporter in Europe. Two years later, he retired from the journalism, determined in the creation. Hemingway was a prolific writer. His early writings, \In 1925, Ernest Hemingway published \These two works make Hemingway famous, established his identity as the spokesman of the \1930s, the heyday of the Hemingway. His autobiographical works \Published in 1940, \The advent of the 1954 \Hemingway in his later years was finally unable to fight off disease entangled, committed suicide in 1961. The second part reviews the First World War and its consequences. The First World War broke out in 1914. Growing enthusiasm for war in the United States, and from the beginning it was the United States remained neutral until 1917 fishes joined Germany declared war on the Allies. But the war ended too soon. Postwar everywhere filled with a sense of disillusionment, the war caused great destruction, devastated people's physical and mental. Youth growing up during this period due to the relationship of war to become the \The third part is a brief discussion of the Lost Generation. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Lewis and other writers in his column. They live in turbulent times, war deprived of everything, without trees. They lose interest in everything, which often nostalgic, in an attempt to escape from reality, just like the character of their works, especially in the Hemingway hero. \Hemingway's other works also show the \Hemingway described in these works Mimin generation's journey: from the the fans threatened Development to escape or even dying. Highly representative of the second chapter of the evaluation Hemingway portrayed Mimin generation works - \The chapter is divided into two. The first section of \The book describes the the postwar emotional life and thought of Jack Barnes and other youth in exile in Paris. Jack is a young American, was seriously injured in the First World War, he was in love with Brett, but wounded disability due to his sexual elusive. He aimlessly life, beer-guzzling, powerless tough night. Heroine Brett lived a life of indulgence, being unworthily man. They pleasure to Pamplona to watch a bullfight in order to get the mental stimulation. After Jack traveling alone in an attempt to forget everything, Brett telegram make things become helpless hero increasingly painful. The novel, known as the 21st century American classic, while Hemingway so called American literary giant. The novel is the best dialogue, book deeply influenced contemporaries youth. This section focuses on character analysis. Most of the exiles in the novel mental disillusionment live stuporous, indulge life. In this world, the true love only exists in the two can not love the person, the heroine relations with other people just flirtation. The end of the sentence of the novel \Novel hero is further reflected in the moral and spiritual aspects of its Mimin state. The old morality, values ??collapsing as the war, religious beliefs are also widowed, people's spiritual wilderness. Section 2 Review of veins Farewell to Arms \The book describes the Frederick Henry, American youth in the First World War, the war in Europe has experienced its love story. He blindly put into the war, but found that the absurdity of the war. He did not know why the army, I do not know whom they are fighting. In the war, he saw something less than sacred, glorious word \He tried to get rid of the war, \He fled to Italy, spent a brief time of happiness with British nurse Catherine in Switzerland. Physical and psychological trauma of wife Catherine and the baby's death so he was disillusioned, disheartened, to become a generation of fans forlorn. \The book Hemingway Language Arts once again demonstrated its immense charm. The third chapter goes on to discuss the other works of Hemingway about a generation of fans satisfied. Section I mentioned in the short story \On the surface of the \Shen Yun connotation is the thrust of this. ?

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