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The Return to Renson of Overflowing from Perception

Author ZhouLiRong
Tutor ZhangJiYu
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Literary trends Sensibility Rationality
CLC I206.09
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Literary trends can not only be strategically advantageous position to grasp the macro context of the development of the literary creation and literary thought, but also conducive to sum up the experience to guide the development of literary activities toward a healthy direction. New Era, thought the results of the study quite good, can be described as a solid foundation, but I always feel that seems to be a lack of a place in its grasp, the evolution of change, the inherent logic of the steering. In addition, in view of the complexities of the creative community since the late 1980s aesthetic sensibility generalization, combined heat by cultural studies theorists infection, many scholars of literary studies included in the scope of cultural studies, the literary trends of this period characteristics of fuzzy, full of contradictions and uncertainty, and increasingly infected with the cultural interpretation of color, which the opposition and disagreement is quite obvious, and sometimes controversial. Therefore, Seoul This paper aims to take another angle, strive to reveal the Literary Trend breeds, generated by the internal logic of the macro trend as well as the development of rheology. Text composed by the introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction to briefly study the cause and the inevitable Literary Trend. Two major points sensual release the body collision and dislocation; the rational regression tough and contradiction. A collision with the dislocation of the sensual release; discussed from the general literary trends the mechanical reflect on reflection and criticism Literary Essence on literary function On the basis of the tool on the new era beginning, the trend to \The theory of regression. The re-establishment of the \From the discussion of the \The purpose of the Chang Yang, the humanist literary trends trend of the tide. Of ethical, moral and rational characteristics completely different inner strength of the emotional factors, such as emotion, intuition, desire and the subconscious like literary activities were released. Another text Literary Trend began surging fierce anti-traditional look. This is a completely different literary trend of one with the people of this ideological trend. It advocates based literature to language, to form-oriented language and form should be the objective of the literary creation, entirely literary text as a separate closed structure, abandoned literature and society, history, life Contact formalized as characteristics of the aesthetic sensibility of the human forces to the extreme. Worthy of reflection is to keep these two thoughts in the confrontation, collision confirmed human perceptual forces that eventually go to the extreme and dislocation. The humanistic eventually developed to the highest goal of human life experience as well as the desire is taken, the text 'towards the Formal Ontology Language ontology. This perceptual proliferation of literary creation situation, phenomenon refers to the rules of the current aesthetic person's life experience within their own patterns of behavior not only failed to be effectively suppressed, it will aggravate the formation of contemporary aesthetic emotional survival mode . Second, the return to the rational difficult and contradictory. From the general discourse of the 1990s, marked by \From most scholars to the definition of the term \\Further explore some scholars the new rational spirit, the new idealism as the core content of the human spirit, and human spirit the rational scale as an evaluation of literary works, whether literary creation with humanistic spirit a direct impact on the literary value of the work . However, there are some scholars have raised objections. They advocate more showing advocating pluralism, to the authority of the post-modern thought, a post-modernist tendencies in the field of literary creation works, more than holding a positive affirmation and praise stance. Also contemporary culture postmodern more performance out of recognition and adaptation of attitude, this cultural tendency is a the social historical necessity, need not be like humanities scholars, as a fierce critic trying to stick drink. Such diametrically opposed cultural advocate further reflect on the modern and post-modern this debates about the nature of contemporary aesthetic culture: humanities scholars always adhere to create a rational modern culture of creation the aesthetic sensibility flood trend fierce criticism scholars, and has a post-modern ideological tendency that inductive generalization creation situation is a concrete manifestation of the postmodern cultural factors, need not panic anxiety. So, this controversy reflects the contradictions difficult to return to the rational the way makes the literary trends. I believe that, as a symbol of \Conclusion emphasize again that the literary trends rational steering is worthy of recognition and delve into the depths. Literary creation, theorists should strive to explore a dominant ruler, each self-sustaining rather than a theoretical specification lively debate forum, this situation of literary creation in theoretical orientation is extremely unfavorable. At present, China's State Qian need to establish the position of the mainstream of the modern aesthetic culture, after Modern Thought and Cultural factors should be treated to \19m's literary trends reflect the profound contradictions, we should certainly return to rational trend, efforts to create conducive to the survival and development of the people, is conducive to the spiritual and cultural products, harmonious life, and this culture must be based on the humanities the solicitude based.

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