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Emotion--Pendulum of Artistic Molding

Author LiZuoMan
Tutor DingZhongYi
School Henan University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Art modeling The art of painting Performance and reproduction Tradition and Reality Human survival and development Geometry History of art Inheritance and Reference Form of emotional Emotional sustenance
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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It argues that the relationship between emotion and painting art form, it is one that is abstract and more intuitive, because Looking at the history of the development of the plastic arts can be found: the shape is almost the history of human survival and development is synchronous line. Human after millions of years of struggle with nature, gradually realize that in order to survive and master the rules of geometry, not only conscious use of the shape of the utilitarian practice: straight holes, the circular scrolling at the same time from the nature of complex freeform abstract out of regular geometric shape. From the utilitarian role of the shape of the abstract rules and the formation of natural causes, the long-term accumulation of the visual experience of conversion into psychological form of emotion: a solid and stable triangle, perfect full circle, solemn and firm vertical line turbulent slash shape and emotional expression of human emotional experience to find a perfect end result of this accumulation, the psychological basis of the modeling emotional Thus, there was emotion and shape of the bond. Since ancient times, from the original period of the \their existence and development constitute the latter to observe the traditional admiration. Throughout the ages, the old ideas is from the traditional atmosphere of the past era have been handed down, new ideas you will still have the same traditional atmosphere, but it is always inquire about their own thinking, therefore it their all areas of controversy endlessly how to inherit the tradition, the development of the real problem, the styling is certainly the case. Cultural connotation and thickness of the accumulation in the traditional style, on the one hand, the development of the modern shape of a wealth of nutrients, but also to become insurmountable peak. How to develop to meet the needs of the modern aesthetic painting modeling issues need to be solved before us. At the moment, the indissoluble bond with the shape emotion has become the focus of attention. Emotion and style, and seems to revert to the old topic of emotion and art. This article is based on the needs of the practice of artistic creation, with the help of psychology trying to (a) emotional shape lt; WP = gt; bond; (b) swing (3) swing between tradition and reality; between performance and reproduction, the point of view of the relationship between the three parts discusses the emotional and painting art form: the shape is just the sustenance of human emotions, according to a point, the metamorphosis of the emotional role reversal swing styling along swing tradition and reality, between the performance and the reproduction, boldly put forward in today's era of \restrain limited to the traditional, but as a spiral of high-level needs to be improved and the rich, which will lead the development of the art of painting the shape of a new stage of development and height. The only emotions and the shape of the field that is deep and wide range of knowledge involved, I have little talent and less learning, the line of omissions, hope that teachers wish to assure you that, if correct me.

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