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The Research on the Vocabulary of Jiaoshi Yilin

Author LiZuo
Tutor WuZongWen
School Sichuan University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Jiaoshi Yilin Vocabulary Forms Meanings Characteristics
CLC H131
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Jiaoshi Yilin is a book about The Book of Changes in the Han Dynasty, which style imitates The Book of Songs and is written mostly in four-character rhymes. In the past times, scholars made researches on it mostly from literary and philological aspects but not linguistic aspect. So this thesis deals with the vocabulary of Jiaoshi Yilin, and tries to make further research from different aspects by the means of combining synchronic description and diachronic comparison, and the means of combining statistic and analytic methods. We hope to make general picture and direction about development of vocabulary from ancient times to the Han Dynasty, provide some material for further researches on linguistie value about Jiaoshi Yilin, and also do some work for study of the history of Chinese language.The thesis consists of five chapters. In the preface, we provide some information about the book, such as author, editions, value, and researches in the past, and about the thesis, such as reason, meaning and research methods. From the second to the fourth chapter is the main part of this thesis. Conclusion is in the fifth chapter.In the second chapter, we chiefly assort the vocabulary of Jiaoshi Yilin from different aspects, such as the angles of monosyllables, disyllables and polysyllables, of old and new words, of notional and function words.In the third chapter, we chiefly analyze the meanings from the angle of meanings system. Firstly, we analyze them from the angle of single-meaning and polysemant words. Secondly, we analyze the relationship between original and transferred meaning from the angles of usages, changes in part of speech, transferred approaches and types. Thirdly, we focus on depicting and analyzing general picture and produced approaches of new meanings. Finally, we emphasize on synonym from the angle of synonym and antonym. The study of this chapter shows that the meanings system in Jiaoshi Yilin is very abundant and important in development ofvocabulary in the West Han Dynasty.In the fourth chapter, we emphasize on some typical characteristics of the vocabulary. Firstly, disyllables and reduplicated words are abundant, which shows that four-character verse best fits the development of disyllables and reduplicated words. Secondly, it is clear that the repeating words show coherence and otherness. And we emphasize on comparing different repeating words from Glossarial, literal and phraseological angles. Finally, we compare the vocabulary of Jiaoshi Yilin with that of other literature what are quoted in Jiaoshi Yilin. And we emphasize on comparing its vocabulary with The Book of Songs and The Book of Changes.On the foundation of delineating the vocabulary, the thesis also discusses some typical examples, analyzes causes and principles of these language phenomena, and compares them with other literature. Then it shows appearance and characteristics of the vocabulary in Jiaoshi Yilin, and its particularity as four-character verse during the lexical development in the Han Dynasty. Besides, it affirms the important value and status of Jiaoshi Yilin in the history of Chinese language.

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