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On the system of public participation in the prevention of environmental pollution in China

Author WangYanYan
Tutor YangShiLong
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Environment and Resources Protection Law
Keywords Environmental Pollution Public Participation Perfect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Economic and social development, both to improve people’s material living standards, but also caused serious environmental impact. With the worsening environmental crisis, the rising tide of global environmental protection. Country experiences have shown:public participation contribute significantly to promoting development of environmental protection, environmental protection can not do without public participation, has been more widely recognized, in the scope of participation, methods, procedures and legal remedies and other aspects of the theory And practice are also more than a contribution. As a developing country, our citizens gradually increased environmental awareness, awareness of the environment on the importance of the development of human society, but also actively participate in environmental protection in the past.Public participation is an important force in the development of environmental protection is one of a sustainable force. Any environmental problems will affect the specific or general public interest, the fundamental interests of the public will take the initiative to join the environmental protection activities. Procedures for public participation through a variety of different stakeholders needs are clear expression of different views, ideas to be presented publicly, so that equality of rational communication and consultation can be carried out before. Therefore, only through such participation by the general public cause of environmental protection procedures, in order to maximize coordination between the various public interests, public interests and conflicts between individual citizens to be able to protect the environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizen. Public participation is a necessary means to balance the various interests.Effective public participation can play its due role. Effectiveness of public participation depends on a number of specific, actionable system protection. Improve public participation in environmental decision-making system is conducive to promoting scientific and democratic, protecting the environment; facilitate the coordination of diversification of the main conflicts of interest, there is the economy and development in harmony with the environment, but also participate in national democratic management of public expressionThis article from the four parts of the analysis of environmental public participation, induction, combined with our current environmental situation in China’s national conditions proposed for public participation in environmental protection system.Part I:Meaning and public participation in environmental protection functions. The first part of the concept of environmental pollution and harm of starting to introduce the public to be involved in environmental protection. Prevention of environmental pollution of various functions with the system compared with the public participation system, explained the definition of environmental public participation in the system, public participation in the subject, content, scope and manner. Concluded that public participation is to implement the strategy of sustainable development is an important measure to guarantee the democratic and scientific decision-making plays an important role, and public participation in environmental management of the government’s facilitating role, can be effective monitoring of environmental violations.The second part of the legal basis of public participation. This part of the legal basis of public participation in environmental research, to seek legal support. Theory of public property, the environment, the environment of public trust theory and the theory of environmental rights, the legal basis of public participation, public participation in environmental protection as theoretical support. This part is the analysis of three theories.The third part, public participation in our problems. Public Participation in the system from scratch, but existing legislation more fragmented, vague, lack of systematic, and there is not enough in advance to participate, mainly after participation; public environmental awareness is low, participation is not high; not enough public participation mechanism construction, the lack of such procedural issues.The forth part, improve public participation in China’s environmental protection system. We must first improve the environmental information system to ensure the public’s right to know. Second, public participation in environmental protection through the establishment of accountability systems to ensure public participation in realization of the right. Again in relief, through the establishment of environmental public interest litigation system in order to encourage more people to protect environment, public good. Finally, encourage non-governmental environmental organizations to fully participate in environmental protection, through the cultivation of civic environmental ethics, advocate green consumption and other measures to improve public participation in environmental protection system.

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