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An Experimental Study on Cooperative English Teaching in Middle Schools

Author XieYan
Tutor WangMouQing
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Middle School English Teaching Foreign teachers English teachers Co- teaching mechanism
CLC G633.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Increasingly become the focus of English teaching in the practical application of the English language, a number of secondary schools in the increase, while the introduction of foreign teachers efforts to actively encourage English teachers and foreign teachers a reasonable division of labor, in order to construct the cooperative middle school English teaching mechanism. This article Analysis of English teachers and foreign teachers teaching style and teaching methods that English teachers and foreign teachers there are larger differences in teaching styles and teaching methods. Assisted each other, will be conducive to the overall development of students, on the one hand to grasp the basic knowledge of language, the other hand, learn to use foreign languages ??to express their autonomy, to truly improve the level of high school students in English. School English teaching in China in the past 20 years has been the rapid development of students vocabulary, reading level in a rising trend, the average verbal ability is still weaknesses, strengthening and improving English teaching is a systematic project, simply imparting knowledge need to change our teaching concepts, establish the point of view of students impart knowledge and ability to cultivate composite foreign language talents, and classroom instruction combined with the atmosphere affect. In order to lay the foundation of a solid knowledge of the language early learning at the same time further foster language application skills, promote the improvement of students' English level, most secondary schools in China has begun the introduction of foreign teachers, but has always been foreign teachers to improve on all the high school students of foreign language proficiency with little success. Lanzhou as the northwest city secondary introduction of foreign teachers than developed cities relatively late, due to exposure to English is limited, so students in foreign language expression and exchange has become more weak, so the teacher more effective use of resources through research to find ways necessary, English teachers and foreign teachers co-teaching model based on this proposed have reasonable, this project intends to explore through empirical research cooperative high school English teachers and foreign teachers teaching mechanism constructed on the students to listen to, say, reading, writing, and other aspects of the role. For the study, the study intends to select the Northwest School of Lanzhou City and the Portland-based two classes of high school students by Lanzhou City high school English teachers and foreign teachers teaching style, a comprehensive analysis of the development needs of the differences of teaching methods and students' English proficiency, combined Lanzhou high school students learning background, learning characteristics and learning methods proposed and validated framework Lanzhou City high school English teachers and foreign teachers co-teaching mechanism construct a reasonable and practical. And analysis for the process of co-teaching mechanism construct the emergence and existence of problems, from the perspective of foreign teachers, English teachers and students, the proposed adaptive method and the feasibility of countermeasures. This paper is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1 is the introduction of the research background, describes the background of the topics of study, divided into three. The first section asked the research background; Section II of this research significance; Section III described the purpose of the study and the structure of the paper. The second chapter is a literature review, research at home and abroad learn; use of English linguistics, second language acquisition theory and related disciplines such as theory, reviewing the current cooperative teaching; Chapter: Introduction relevant to the study of the theoretical basis, including cooperation theory, cooperative teaching theory theory. The introduction of the survey program of study, the analysis of the survey results; Chapter 4: Introduction of the subjects of this study, test tools, experiments and data collection process; Chapter 5: Analysis and discussion of experimental data and summarizes the main conclusions of the Institute the revelation of teaching practice and the limitations of the study and recommendations for future research.

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