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Application of Conceptual Metaphor to College English Vocabulary Teaching

Author LiuHuiLin
Tutor GuanJing
School Changchun University of
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Metaphor Conceptual Metaphor Metaphorical Competence English Vocabulary Teaching
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Metaphor in the traditional theory simply be seen as a rhetorical device. In recent years, the cognitive function is more and more the attention of linguists. 1980, Lakoff and Johnson's book \They believe that the metaphor is a mapping from the field of a concept to another concept. The metaphor is not only rhetorical, but also the outside world and of human cognitive thinking an important tool for human conceptual system is built on the basis of metaphor, so they changed its name for the conceptual metaphor. Metaphor widespread in everyday language, is an important medium of language changes, add new meaning plays an important role in the generation of new words, the demise of the old words and old words. Vocabulary as an important part of learning English, the difficulty of teaching has been plagued by the majority of teachers and students. Metaphorical language vocabulary teaching would be an effective vocabulary teaching approach, gradually gained the attention of the majority language education in China. Language development and cognitive perspective, learners have basic vocabulary, so that they properly understand the knowledge of the theory of conceptual metaphor, it Metaphor, as an inevitable means, Description strange familiar, have questions, limited vocabulary to express the feelings of the rich. In this process, both to improve the teaching effect of the English vocabulary, but also train the students to think in English. In this paper, from the point of view of cognitive metaphor, try to conceptual metaphor applied to the English vocabulary teaching, closely combine the two, would like to take to improve students' English vocabulary learning, thereby enhancing the overall learning of the English language, better adapt to the international exchange. Firstly, the background and significance of this study are summarized. The literature review section reviews the overall development of the study of metaphor, followed by the definition of conceptual metaphor theory, classification, characteristics and operation mechanism has made; after referred to the problems of teaching vocabulary, processes and policies; polysemy, idioms and other aspects reflect the application of the theory of conceptual metaphor, which refers to the relationship between metaphor and etymology, this one of the few studies in the field to make a little contribution; Finally, experimental teaching, to introduce the theory of conceptual metaphor College English vocabulary teaching practice, to see whether it can improve students' English vocabulary acquisition. Non-English major freshman year two English vocabulary level classes were selected as a control, the use of a questionnaire, pre-test and post-test experimental tool, after a semester of comparative experiments, obtained the relevant data required by the study . Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, the results show that: in the English vocabulary teaching, the penetration and application of conceptual metaphor helps to stimulate learners' interests, help to improve the ability of Vocabulary Acquisition, for the promotion of college English vocabulary teaching effective . Finally, through the experiment to draw some inspiration: Teachers should pay attention to the cultivation of the students Metaphorical Competence in English Teaching the concept of metaphor as a cognitive tool in teaching practice, not just a rhetorical device, encourage the use of conceptual metaphor theory to vocabulary learning, the more you can try this applies to other aspects of English teaching.

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