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Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Rolling Main Drive System by Taking into Account of the Gear Variable Stiffness

Author LengZhenHua
Tutor ChenLiangYu
School Northeastern University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords main drive system torsional vibration inherent frequency gear meshing variable stiffness Torque Amplification Factor gear error damp ratio
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Rolling mill is the key to the production of steel, transmission system of the rolling mill is power source to achieving the smooth conduct. With the rapid development of the industrial technology, the rolling mill equipment continues melting towards maximization, high speed, and automation and high-accuracy directions. Meanwhile, the accidents which were caused by instantaneous torsion vibration took place very often when the metal strips were being bitten. It is of great meaning to study the dynamic characteristics and carrying capacity of the main transmission system of the rolling mill for improving its production capacity, guaranteeing the safe production, and improving product quality.Combining the torsional vibration theory in the worldwide of the main transmission system of the rolling mill, the torsional vibration dynamic model containing and overlook gearing variable stiffness of F2-rolling mill main transmission is established. By abstracting the main drive system into lumped parameter system, the physical model was predigested into a system composed of rigid inertia components which had no distortion an stretch components which had no inertia. The mathematic model of the system were set up, the gear variable stiffness is fitted by Fourier Transform. The inherent frequency and main vibration mode were calculated, and it showed the drive design was reasonable. The use of Longa-Coulthard numerical techniques in the MATLAB software, calculate dynamic torque response for the central axis of the meshing process of the dynamic model of two class rolling mill, the infection of gear variable stiffness, the time of being bitten, damp ratio and the mill torque to the dynamics of the transmission system is studied.The research on the torsional vibration of the main drive system of F2-rolling mill was useful for the control of the torque vibration, the decrease of accident, the improvement of the stability. It has certain engineering guide significance and learned value.

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