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An Exploration of English and Chinese Affixoids

Author ZuoJuYan
Tutor WangWenBin
School Ningbo University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Class affixes Semantic word formation characteristics Grammaticalization Lexicalization
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Class affixes between notional prime and affixes dynamic development combining form, in the presence of a large number of modern Chinese language. In this paper, based on grammar theory combined vocabulary theory, mechanisms of semantics, morphology, characteristics and generate in-depth study of the English and Chinese language classes affixes between the implied evolution of grammar and vocabulary of two languages ??at the same time spy of the handover relations, to promote the enrichment and development of the theory of universal grammar. The paper is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter introduces the research background, significance, methods, and chapter organization structure, and proposed the working hypothesis of this paper. Chapter II is a literature review, research status of English and Chinese classes affixes. The third chapter describes the the involved theoretical background. Semantic interpretation of English and Chinese classes affixes and morphological characteristics of the theoretical framework of the fourth chapter in class typical and grammar. Chapter explore English-Chinese class affixes generation mechanism, and from the perspective of linguistic typology generated path differences explain the two languages ??affixes reason. Chapter on the basis of the variation of form and meaning in the generation process of the discussion in English and Chinese classes affixes to view the relationship between the grammar and vocabulary of the two. Chapter VII is the conclusion. Analysis and Discussion, we draw the following conclusions: First, the from cognitive linguistics class typical category theory point of view, the English and Chinese classes affixes affixes areas atypical ingredients, not only has some of the characteristics of a typical affixes, but also has a notional prime some of the characteristics. Secondly, the English and Chinese classes affixes toward the different variant forms constitute the typical affixes process continuous systems by the notional prime variation process is a process of grammaticalization. In this continuum, some class affixes high degree of syntax, almost typical affixes; to some end the syntax degree of, close to the notional prime. However, on the whole, the class affixes semantic virtual and adhesion, morphology, with yields up and positioning. However, a different class affixes different syntax degree, semantic virtual degree and adhesion performance of the root or stem out the degree of difference. The English class affixes grammaticalization results often lead to the generation of new forms, the class affix completely notional prime detachment, eventually evolved into the typical affixes. Lack of twists and turns in Chinese Grammaticalization class affixes to a certain extent, and often into the word within the ingredients. Moreover, from the point of view of language internal development, the formation of the English-Chinese class affixes mainly two paths: The first part of the notional prime cause its own semantic virtual metaphor or metonymy and gradually evolved into a class affixes; Another path is to use the frequency higher group of one-way with the phrase and cross-layer adjacent structures at the level of analog and re-analysis based on lexicalized fixed prefix or suffix position to become affixes the source and procure certain ingredients. But both via what path analogy extended in which play an important role. In other words, metaphor, metonymy, vocabulary and analogy extended English-Chinese class affixes generated important mechanism. Metaphor, metonymy and vocabulary to promote new semantic or new structure generated analogy to extend these new semantics and new structure to consolidate and further promote the formation of the final result in English and Chinese classes affixes. In this study, we found that there are a large number of English class affixes via a path evolved, and the Chinese is not the case. This paper argues that, with the two languages ??belong to different types. English language form based human analogical thinking, the practical application of the language, it is easy to notional prime as the affixes use and in frequent use in notional prime by syntax and eventually evolved into a class affixes or typical affixes. And Chinese isolated language Derivational affixes itself is not developed, such analogical thinking in the operation of the Chinese people's cognitive psychologically not prominent, therefore, the possibility of Chinese class affixes generated by this path naturally. Finally, the evolution of the English and Chinese classes affixes, meaning and form of contact with each other, influence each other, and thus to promote the entire structure of the vocabulary, syntax and lexical units forward step by step. This discovery of this article, and Wang Canlong (2008) research results coincide. This foothold, the paper examines the the implied handover relationship between the grammar and vocabulary of, Grammaticalization, lexicalization, also appears in the vocabulary of grammaticalization. The two complement each other, mutually co-exist or contains this must be viewed within the framework of language evolution.

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