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Develop and Performance Study of Fabrics with New Composite Yarns

Author ZhangLingMei
Tutor WangGuoHe
School Suzhou University
Course Textile Material and Textiles Design
Keywords new composite yarns fabric property product developing towel fabric with cannabis sativa L. /cotton fiber
CLC TS105.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the improvement of people’s living standard, the performance of comfort and health of textile have drawn people’s attention. Therefore, the functional textile has been liked by more and more customers. The cannabis sativa L. fabric had the excellent properties of absorbing moisture, heat dissipation, cool, stiff and smooth, especially its natural antibacterial property. The new composite yarns in this paper which was prepared with twisting cotton yarns in core layer and twistless cotton or cannabis sativa L. fibers on the surface was chosen as raw materials to design and develop products with property of comfortableness and antibacterium.On the basis of testing the mechanical properties, elasticity and initial modules, we discussed the working processes of dressing, weaving, finishing in the course of weaving the sample with cotton /cotton composite yarns; in order to study the performance(weft cover) of the sample which use the cotton/cotton composite yarns as weft yarns and provide reference for the products development, we observe the intersecting pattern of the yarns on the surface, discuss the performances of mechanical properties, moisture penetrability, heat retention, style, dye as well.Compared to the properties of common textile, the results in this study showed that the breaking and tearing strength of the fabric with new composite yarns decreased by 16.8, 21.9% because of the twistless fibers on the surface; water permeability and wicking height increased by 23.72,19.7%, so the fabric have good properties of moisture penetrability; the textile had good warm property because the thickness increased by 6.7% and the permeating rate decreased by 13.2%; due to the fiber on the surface of arranging in parallel, the textile could reflect the lustre of the fiber itself and the contrast gloss and specular gloss increased 2.5,10.6%; it’s dyeing percentage increased by 35.1% resulted from the fluffy structure of yarns being of benefit to the entrance of dyestuff; the lower initial modulus of the composite yarn made the fabric having good drapability, soft hand feel, good close- fitting, fine cozy touch and so on.The result indicated that the bacterial inhibition of staphylococcus aureus and colibacillus would reached more than 70% when the content of cannabis sativa L. in fabric achieved 45% by researching the influence of different content of cannabis sativa L. on the antibacterial property of the fabric, and then it could meet the requirement of Anti-bacterial fabric.Based on the study above, taking the raw materials, fabric weaves,weaving process and finishing into consideration,we designed towel fabric with cannabis sativa L./cotton fiber. From the testing results, it can be seen that the towel fabric in this paper had good mechanical properties, luster, drapality and antibacterial property.

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