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Adjective semantics expansion of the five senses , the common feeling metaphor

Author LiGuoLei
Tutor LiQingXiang
School Ocean University of China
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Five Senses adjectives Significance of expansion Acknowledge Synesthesia metaphor Significance of space
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Language is constantly changing. The a vocabulary lend a certain other sense of basic justice derivative, which polysemy is extremely common phenomenon. The polysemy generated often complex process, which figurative Yanshen often object to study. That is, without departing from the basic meaning of the premise, figurative Yanshen to realize the significance of expansion. If the basic meaning Yanshen righteous there is no likelihood of confusion, both would constitute the relationship of basic justice and do righteousness. As the main body of cognitive, intellectual quest by inference, imagination, and other means to the outside world. The language can be seen as the cognitive agent make interpretation of the outside world, and a considerable part of the concept of system is built up by virtue of the subjective cognitive ability is rooted in cognitive subject body and creativity. Therefore, from the fundamental cognitive viewpoint phenomenon of semantic expansion more clear and reasonable explanation. The five senses touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing, usually can be divided into the phenomenon that often occurs between the switch in the vocabulary of the five senses, namely the so-called common feeling metaphor. So far, the five senses adjectives ambiguity total feeling metaphor for a large number of prior studies, but without exception, individual, isolated, fragmented, and a long time will be a total of feeling metaphor seen as metaphor a \Based on this paper, attempt to cognitive point of view, by focusing on the five senses adjectives semantic expansion were feeling metaphor, to eliminate misunderstanding in the past prior studies, to make a reasonable interpretation of the five senses adjectives semantic expansion mechanism. The composition of this paper is as follows: Chapter summary analysis of prior studies, and clear so the the total feeling metaphor established within metaphor and metonymy. Clear in the second chapter of the composition of the five senses adjectives, feeling adjectives with emotional adjectives meaning theory and statistical language of the two angles to analyze the similarities and differences, and pointed out that the sensory adjectives can express their feelings significance is the result of the expansion of its significance. Chapter III through empirical investigation, a total feeling metaphor system Ting positive and supplement, and total perceptual switch to the directional analysis. The Chapter five senses adjective semantic extension of the community feeling metaphor established the internal factors are concentrated in metaphor and metonymy, the paper will be a total feeling metaphor placed the five senses adjectives semantic expansion process in a comprehensive survey. The study showed that the total feeling metaphor as one of the reasons that the vocabulary of its own semantic change, semantic expansion play an important role, and a total feeling of metaphor in a parallel structure with five sensual metaphor. Class direct co sensibility that can not be explained, feeling analogy reasonable analyzed. \feeling metaphor three categories, and support the significance of spatial analysis. Chapter VI of the summary of the theory and future topics discussed. The above study: a total feeling of metaphor as part of the five senses adjectives semantic expansion process can not be ignored, and between basic justice and do righteousness is not isolated, but organic links, based on the principle of people's cognitive exist. The theory adjective semantics expansion mechanisms and laws of the five senses, and I hope this will help to deepen the understanding of Japanese learners of lexical semantic expansion.

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