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On Qian Zhongshu’s Translation Theory "Enticement," "Misinformation" and "Sublimation"

Author BianJie
Tutor BaoTongFa
School Jiangnan University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Chinese and Western wisdom Induced False Of
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Chinese and Western academic masters Qian Zhongshu, \At present, the analysis of the concept of translation, each have different opinions, different perspective. Translation of literary translation in particular, are inevitably branded imprint of the \correct \Mr. Qian \Either from the level of integrity of the traditional co-ordination structure understanding of cross-cultural, cross-Bilingual Translation, or will, from the perspective of cultural studies to examine the semantic cultural, historical and social subjectivity, or anyone else involved in cognitive activities, different from the social and cultural background of the readers life of the reader's talent endowments and aesthetic orientation is different to the author, the resulting readers in the epistemological, metaphysical flavor Yi, belong to the individual cognitive paradigm. In the process of raising activities of the human spirit \concealment, ambiguity and uncertainty of interpretation. The beginning of this paper will try to begin talking about the foundation, which leads to Mr. Qian's own translation theory translation connotation with the traditional interpretation. \related topics associated with research and analysis, cultural accumulation of Qian Zhongshu, especially philosophical speculation basis, to analyze the concept of \The new understanding of the interpretation. The first chapter, the foundation begins to translate the meaning and essence of traditional Chinese talk, leads Qian Zhongshu reason for making this translation theory is because the impact of Chinese and Western Intelligence behind this idea, and thus put forward the research of this article to be taken perspective. Chapter II, according to the the CNKI retrieval, try to research scholars on the theory of money translate into the following categories: theory \Analysis, the inspiration for their own analysis of the topics and Perspective. Chapter III briefly with Qian Zhongshu talk \The fourth chapter begins with analysis of this translation theory behind many other factors, and then come to the reason why the money to make such a translation theory, because behind him a rich cultural roots, especially the Chinese cultural heritage and traditional Chinese philosophical speculation. From the previous translation industry For translation exploration to proceed, then put forward the traditional translation theory behind philosophical speculation and cultural heritage of the national character, and the generation of Qian Zhongshu's translation theory also branded imprint of China. Then, try these two aspects of the \The same time, based on Qian's own cultural background to proceed, we try to learn from the Western philosophical speculation phenomenon, hermeneutics, understanding Perspectives of analysis the money translation theory in the heterogeneous cultural elements. Chapter 5, respectively, from the understanding of Chinese and Western concept of intermediation, overall and systems thinking, name the identity of the translator, and Translation Studies ontological regression to sum up the practical significance of this study, this article found insufficient, and the future The goal of this study and so on.

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