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Research on Adsorption Performance of Activated Carbon Fiber and Its Application in Coking Waste Water of Simulation

Author DiHuiJie
Tutor DingPeiDao
School Chongqing University
Course Materials Science
Keywords Activated Carbon Fiber Adsorption Desorption Coking waste water Application
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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In this article, the modifiled Activated Carbon Fiber with microwave, nitric acid, and sodium hydroxide be used to have a test of SEM, infrared spectrum analysis, thermal analysis and the mensuration of nitrogen adsorption isotherm. Then we can gain the specific area, micropore specific area, the capability of hole and the regularities of distribution of aperture of Activated Carbon Fiber with modifiled. The modifiled Activated Carbon Fiber with microwave, nitric acid, which surface area is higher than the Activated Carbon Fiber of original sample. Moreover, the surface area of modifiled Activated Carbon Fiber with sodium hydroxide is lower than its.Coking waste water is a kind of refractory organic one with high concentration of ammonia and organisms, which main comes from coke plants. The waste water is large and water-quality constituents are very complex, such as Pyridine, quinoline, indole, phenol. There are many ways to treat coking waste water, but few is well. The pectic and PAN Activated Carbon Fiber with modifiled is used to treatesd coking waste water. Adsorption isotherm and dynamic adsorption breakthrough curve are determined. The effect of factors such as pH and adsorption time on adsorption efficiency have been studied. The results indicate that when pH value is greater than 8, adsorption efficiency decrease and adsorption time presents optimum value. Activated Carbon Fiber regenerated by NaOH of 10%. It has not much difference in adsorption efficiency after three cycles. Adsorption rate is fast. We can conclude that the adsorption property of Activated Carbon Fiber is very well,because it has large specific surface area and a great lot microporosity, and also because there are abundance functional group in it surface. The Activated Carbon Fiber with modifiled,filtrtion resistence and loss of filtering is small,insensity is high,not easily chalked,easy treating, fineness of purification is high, impurity is few, the organic matter which is difficult degradation, which is easy to adsorb. Otherwise, Activated Carbon Fiber is used to treat coking waste water, the equipment is very simple. Sorption agent can be used many times. The technique is a new environmental harmonious technology which is clean and safe,highly efficient and energy saving. It has wide application foreground.

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