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Analyses on the Localization of Teachers and Students Majoring the Chinese Language in Normal Universities of Thailand

Author XiangWei
Tutor HuangLiHong
School Shandong University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Normal Universities in Thailand Localization of teachers at Thailand universities Nurturing students of Chinese Process of localization of Chinese in Thailand
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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1. Objectives of the researchUniversities in Thailand are mostly public. There are about 82 public universities. Public universities consists of governmental public universities, normal universities, also Rajabhat Universities, and Rajamangala University of Technology. There are about 41 normal universities in Thailand which are similar to Chinese normal universities that are the cradle of primary and secondary school teachers for Thailand. At present,17 out of 41 normal universities in Thailand offer Chinese programs to meet the demands of local teachers of Chinese.Doubtless the starting of the Chinese Majors in the education department at normal universities will be playing a key role in Thailand for more Chinese teachers locally. Therefore, it will be essential and practical to study the localization of teachers of Chinese at Thailand normal universities and the nurturing of students to be teachers of Chinese. It can be academically and practically important to promote the process of localization of teachers of Chinese in Thailand.2. Methods of researchQuestionnaire and survey.Firstly,a questionnaire was made which was related to the localization of teachers of Chinese at Thailand universities that offer programs of Chinese, including 3 types of public universities(10 normal universities,4 governmental public universities and 2 technological universities).Secondly, I had another questionnaire about the present situation of nurturing local students to be Chinese teachers involving 108 students from different levels of QingMai Rajabhat University.The results of the surveys have been carefully analyzed.3. The outcome, conclusions and significance of the research.Based on the surveys, I looked through the problems in the local Chinese teachers’ promotion and the education of the local undergraduate students to teach Chinese later and gave ways to solving them after analyzing the problems. This article is divided into 3 parts.The first part is about the existing problems. There are 4 problems in nurturing Chinese teachers in normal universities. First, there is a lack of area balance for university teachers of Chinese and a lack of local Chinese teachers at normal universities. Second, the universities emphasize on the study of knowledge and theory while tend to neglect training for teaching experience and abilities. Third, there is not enough language equipment for teaching Chinese at Thailand normal universities. Fourth, the government of Thailand doesn’t pay enough attention to the process of localization, and the teachers and volunteers from China can’t meet the demands of universities at present.This part also deals with 4 problems in nurturing students to be Chinese teachers in the Normal Universities in Thailand. First, of all the students majoring Chinese in universities in Thailand, the rate of normal university ones becoming Chinese teachers in primary and secondary schools after graduation is higher than those of the other universities. Second, considering the aspects of overall quality and Chinese knowledge, normal university students fall far behind those of other universities. Third, the courses set for Chinese major are not accordant and practical. The system of courses is not scientific and complete that it needs immediate improvement. Fourth, the normal university students don’t have many chances to study abroad, therefore the overall quality is not satisfying.The second part also talks about the reasons of the problems. First, because of the comparatively low salary of primary and secondary school teachers, high quality students prefer to choose non-teacher Chinese major to work in business and cultural communication fields. Normal universities have better school policies, course setting for their students. Secondly, the primary and secondary school students lack sufficient basic knowledge of the Chinese language, so the burden of universities is heavier. Third, the lack of basic researches of teaching and training, the lag of planning can’t meet the needs of great demand of local teachers. Teachers of universities focus more on theories and neglect practice, so courses of teaching skills can’t be set. Fourth, students who come to China for further study mainly depend on the support of the Chinese foundation, while the lack of support from Thailand has affected the quality of the program..Part three is about some suggestions. First, the investment in Chinese major in the universities should be strengthened. Second, China increases the support to improve the teaching conditions in Thailand and speed up the localization of teaching resources. Third, in order to cultivate more qualified students, supports should be strengthened. Fourth, more chances of coming to China for further study should be supplied to students.I hope that this paper can help improve the situation of the localization of the teachers of Chinese at Thailand normal universities and enhance nurturing students to be future teachers of Chinese.

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