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Effects of Ultrasonic and Rare-earth on the Properties of Anodic Aluminum Oxide Film

Author WangChunTao
Tutor ZhangJiuYuan
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Ultrasonic wave An oxide film Anodization Rare earths Aluminum alloy
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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This article describes the aluminum anodizing process , types and applications , anodized aluminum structure , formation mechanism and research progress , especially on the current domestic and international aluminum alloy strengthening effect on rare earth additives , a variety of process by deficiencies . Thesis literature analysis to determine the role of rare earth elements and ultrasonic aluminum anodization process method does not require harsh conditions in order to obtain high-performance oxide film as a means of strengthening . Experiments using industrial aluminum L3 and LY12 hard aluminum containing rare earth salt ( high crystallization sulfate cerium Ce ( SO 4 ) 2 < / sub > .4 H 2 < / sub > O and rare earth salts of sulfuric acid lanthanum La of 2 ( SO 4 < / sub > ) 3 < / sub > .9 H 2 < / sub > O ) sulfuric acid electrolyte anodic oxidation , oxide film performance and found that: the former is superior to that latter, hardness and thickness , respectively up 95HV and 5.4μm ( to industrial aluminum L3 ) is obtained when the rare earth salt for comparison , 30HV and about 3.8μm duralumin LY12 ; rare earth content of about 0.4 ~ 0.5g / L ; included in the composite rare earth salt medium containing the sample obtained in its best corrosion resistance , while not adding rare earth worst single rare earth somewhere in between. Appropriate frequency ultrasound can play a role in the performance of the anodic oxide film , the frequency should not exceed 20kHz . Add the electrolysis of rare earth salt crystals ceric sulfate Ce ( SO 4 < / sub > ) 2 < / sub > .4 H 2 < / sub > O ( the concentration to 0.5 g / L ) fluid , the ultrasonic wave ( frequency less than about 20KHz ) can improve the performance of the oxide film , but the frequency increases will reduce its performance . The film composition was measured and found that the presence of rare earth elements : the oxide film is not found , only play the role of a similar catalyst by using electron microprobe spectroscopy Combination instrument . The article also by SEM analysis of the morphology of the oxide film structure .

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