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Mechanical Design and Analysis of the Cable and Cabin System of Large Radio Telescope

Author ZhaoZe
Tutor DuanBaoYan
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Large Radio Telescope Drive means Suspension Cabin Anti rope off mechanism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Guizhou country intends to build the world's largest pilot antenna diameter up to 500m large radio telescope array (FAST project). Because FAST's high frequency, high precision positioning feed, and thus, in what way the structure of the feed scanning tracking movement has become the key to success. Professor Duan Baoyan proposed a suspension of the primary platform for supporting the feed, the Stewart platform parallel mechanism fixed to the primary platform, consisting of the initial suspension of fine tuning Stewart platform reconcile together to complete the feed-precision positioning control solution. Topics from CAS Knowledge Innovation Engineering and the National Natural Science Fund Project \and resolve project implementation may be encountered in the technical aspects of the mechanical key issues; complete 5m, 50m scale model of the design; support program simulation experiments; of 500m lay the foundation for implementation of the project. From sports, power, function aspects analyzed large radio telescope mechanical suspension feed support system, this paper will be decomposed into suspension drives, supporting guide mechanism on top of the tower, cabin three main parts, the applied mathematics, mechanics and other methods for the design of the various parts of comparison, analysis, synthesis and argument, based on the study of the mechanical part of the unique problems and Solutions: This paper presents the drive and suspension arrangement combination of design Thought; solves guide wheel suspension tower bracing diagonal tension to withstand the problems; from the motion, force and structural aspects of in-depth study of the suspension and cabin connections. By structure, organization, strength, technology and other design gradually complete the mechanical design of the entire model. Through the model design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing of mechanical properties obtained extensive information about the feed support mechanical design first-hand information. More than two years, the normal operation of the model proves this mechanical design is reasonable, effective and in 500m engineering replicability. As a \To ensure the smooth implementation of construction machinery 500m, you must also carry out research in the following areas: 1. Using what power drive (such as hydraulic servo drives) and what remains for safe braking 500m actual specific research project. 2.500m engineering practice, cabin in diameter 6m, weight 20t. Because of its structure and LT5m, 50m cabin models are not identical, and thus, the need for cabin structure do in-depth research. 3. Suspension tower brace to prevent the use of other methods to solve shedding can and should be more in-depth research.

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