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Effect of the High Molecular Weight Subunihs of Glutenin on Common Wheat and the Relationship between Quality Characters and Resistance to Stripe Rust

Author YangFangPing
Tutor WangShengRong
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Plant Pathology
Keywords HMW glutenin subunits Wheat Quality Affect Quality Traits Resistance to stripe rust Relationship
CLC S512.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Wheat is the world's largest amount of acreage, the highest total production of food crops, the pros and cons of the quality and production level of a direct impact on improving people's lives and the development of the agricultural economy. In recent years, the quality of wheat research has been enough attention, more in-depth research has focused on the study of the storage protein, especially high molecular weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS) composition of the baking quality of wheat. A wide range of domestic and international studies have shown that HMW-GS role on Wheat Quality, quality subunit of the presence and composition of a direct impact on the quality of the pros and cons, the role of Glu-D1-bit point 510 of subunit excellent in other alleles. HMW-GS Wheat Quality Improvement has been applied. In addition, because the wheat quality and yield traits were negatively correlated, combined with wheat disease hazards, resulting in serious decline, affecting a wide range of applications of high-quality wheat. Therefore, this study analyzed Gansu Province, Wheat Quality Status of HMW-GS and its HMW-GS and quality of the main parameters of the relationship;, but also the quality of wheat stripe rust resistance relationship. Its purpose is: to clear Gansu Province, Wheat Quality status quo, to explore the quality and disease resistance breeding of new varieties. The main results are as follows: 1 Gansu Province wheat varieties (lines) most of the quality evaluation varieties (lines) are durum wheat, high bulk density, on the level of the flour yield, low ash content, wet gluten content, high water absorption sedimentation value is relatively low, lower crude protein content. Except for a few species, the formation and stability time larger than the gap with foreign. In other words, most of the material is only suitable for processing pasta and bread, bread and biscuits suitable for processing varieties (lines) lacking. Gansu Province, Wheat Quality Status, resource advantages and regional characteristics of high-quality wheat breeding in the future, the development and utilization of high-quality wheat production base and variety are discussed. 2 HMW-GS and the relationship of the quality of wheat Glu-1 quality score and sedimentation value, the settling time was a significant correlation coefficient were 0.551 ** , 0.673 ** , which is the role of Glu-A1 and Glu-D1-bit point, point mutation of Glu-A1 bit from the 1 subunit and N subunits, with a subunit of the varieties (lines) compared with N subunits settlement value, settling time, a significant difference; quality effects of the Glu-D1-bit point comes mainly from the difference between the 510 and 212 subunits, with 510 subunits varieties (lines) generally has a longer settling time and the settlement value. Therefore, the main effect of HMW-GS quality traits settling time and sedimentation value. 3 Gansu wheat HMW-glutenin subunits Genetic Variation Analysis of Gansu planted with varieties (lines) HMW glutenin subunits type rich, which subunit types of spring wheat than winter wheat rich, spring wheat quality rating of 7.6, winter wheat quality rating 6.6 low frequency range between 4 and 12 stars, but with high-related subunits (2 *, 17 l8, 14 l5, 5 l0) distribution frequency is very low, their parents containing 5 1O quality subunits , consistent with poor wheat processing quality in the region. Seen increasing 5 LO subunit of the frequency distribution of rich quality resources is one of the effective ways to improved wheat quality. 4 wheat varieties (lines) resistance to stripe rust identification of Gansu Province, most of the wheat varieties (lines), including own varieties or are preparing to promote back-up new lines and some excellent disease resistance parent has lost resistance. Therefore, in order to prevent the epidemic of wheat stripe rust, to solve the problem of wheat resistance is a pressing task. 5 wheat quality and anti-of the rust of the relationship between correlation and regression analysis, the 17 wheat quality traits formation time, settling time of the rust generally rate exists a positive correlation, the correlation coefficient has a very significant meaning (1% level); settlement value evaluation value, Glu from Dl quality ratings and the prevalence of positive correlation, the correlation coefficient was significant (5% level). The stable quality traits affect stripe rust prevalence of the most important independent variables, the coefficient of determination of up to 20%. Glu-Dl locus 510 subunits bread baking quality, containing 5 l0 subunit of most varieties settling time is longer. Therefore, by increasing the of 510 subunits frequency distribution of breeding quality varieties, will bring the negative effects of poor disease resistance; use to improve the choice of varieties (lines) resistance pathways, will shorten the settling time, thus affecting the quality . In addition, to explore the feasibility of strategies to solve the above problem.

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