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Los Vínculos Entre La Literatura Arraigada De China Y La Literatura Indigenista De América Latina

Author YinXiaoJun
Tutor YuMan
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course Spanish Language and Literature
Keywords Root Literature and Indigenous ' Indigenous literature Minority Writers Zhang Chengzhi Wildernesses of the world The black horse Root Literature and Magic Realism Arguedas Roots fiction Creative intentions Creative skills tierra Wang Meng Modern consciousness Cultural roots Chinese literary world Alegria Origin
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Eighties of last century birth of the roots of literature and Latin American magic realism literary origins in Chinese literature, the problem has been comparative literature research hotspot, a large number of reviews of the two kinds of literary factions works also emerged. Born in Latin America before the magic realism of indigenous literature, is rarely involved. In fact, the indigenous literature is a pioneer of Latin American magical realism, especially in the Peruvian writer Ciro Alegria and Jose Maria Agnes Das on behalf of a group of writers and their works indigenous Cultural factors also affect the work of magic realism. It can be said that indigenous literature, including new indigenous literature, and Magic Realism are together known as Latin America's \Own roots novels deeply Magic Realism, creative principles and ideas of the writers and their works but not the same. Some writers, such as Cheng, Zhang Chengzhi, and Wang Meng, their work is no longer deliberately imitate Magic Realism, but based on the cultural traditions of the nation, trying to discover the characteristics of traditional literary significance. At present, the domestic A comparative study of the indigenous' works and Chinese roots school novels or unusual, but this does not mean that is not comparable between. This article is based on indigenous literature and roots garde literature, selected masterpieces indigenous literary works \the object of the same with the tendency of the cultural roots, and its creation of the environment with the soil away from the traditional culture of the modern consciousness two works, the accidental or inevitable similarity and consistency. This paper is divided into three chapters: the first chapter mainly discusses the analysis of the two factions, study the origin, characteristics, and on behalf of writers and their works; while the relationship between the two genres On common, because, until today, still view Latin America The indigenous literature does not belong to the roots literary category. In the second chapter, we will focus to the two works, analyze its characteristics, and it is these characteristics enable them to become one of the their respective genres among the most representative and most successful works. And the point of comparison is the similarity, specific later cited two works will also be listed. In addition, in this chapter we be the main characters of the two works comparative analysis, we can further understand the author's creative intentions and psychological analysis of the figures. The third chapter introduces the theme of the work as well as specific creative skills and methods continue to explore their similarities and differences. Of course, due to the constraints of time, data, and of scientific research ability, there are still shortcomings and limitations.

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