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Aesthetic Construction of Poetics in the Six Dynasties in the Context of Metaphysics

Author ChengSong
Tutor ZhangYiPing
School Wenzhou University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Metaphysics Poetics Six Dynasties Aesthetic Construction
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Six Dynasties [1] dynasties, was diversified development trend of social thought . Affected by the multicultural ideology , poetics gradually get rid of the shackles of classical studies toward independence , a vassal of the social, political, ethical , and turned to the pursuit of the poetic aesthetics . Thus the Six Dynasties aesthetic literature could fill volumes , Aesthetic Construction With a historic breakthrough . Especially in Confucianism decline of metaphysics prevalent cultural context critics construct sets tend aesthetic poetic theory , and achieved unprecedented latecomers difficult to match the tremendous achievements . The reason, of course , is multidimensional , both social, historical , political , cultural and external reasons, there are the poetics internal logic of the development factors . Now , get to the bottom of the Six Dynasties poetics in the context of metaphysics choose one of the aesthetic construction of the to explore metaphysics turned to the depth of the poetic aesthetic impact . As a philosophy of culture and ideology of the Wei and Jin Dynasties , metaphysics profound , mysterious and faint , it is on the order of the essence of the Taoist philosophy , the idea of under Kai Sui and Tang Buddhism and Neo-Confucianism . Cater to its highly speculative discussion of ways and the value orientation of the idealized the Six Scholars aesthetic appeal , thus becoming the mainstream of the Six Dynasties and cultural trends have had a profound impact on Poetics time . Of course , its impact is not linear , but by the way of thinking of the educated class , values, aesthetic ideal edification , curves role in the Six Dynasties poetry to learn . Scholar stratum is the metaphysics advocates, and the recipient the bath Hyeonpung growth , more creative body of literature and literary theory , it is natural they become through the angel of the metaphysics and poetics . Therefore , scholars as an intermediary to study the depth of the impact of the metaphysics of the Six Dynasties poetics . The study found that the impact of the metaphysics of Six Dynasties poetics profound and comprehensive, it affects the direction of development of the Six Dynasties poetics and development approach to promote the Six Dynasties poetic aesthetic steering . Metaphysics impact the Six Dynasties poetics complex evolutionary process, but also the philosophy and culture and poetic aesthetics gradually blend gradual process . This reminds us that contemporary poetry research should pay attention to the cultural studies, and also a warning against our current Literary Theory and cultural development to focus on cultural exchange and integration, to avoid mere cultural transplantation .

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