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A Cognitive Approach to Metaphors in Robert Frost’s Poetry

Author YanXia
Tutor LiYongZhong
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Robert Frost Poetic Metaphor Conceptual Metaphor Blending Theory Cognitive Poetics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Traditional metaphor of metaphor as a rhetorical device or a modification of the language. However, with the metaphor further research, the metaphor is not just a mere linguistic phenomenon, but people's way of thinking, a way to help readers access to text implications of cognitive mechanisms. Marks the metaphor of \In this book, the metaphor as an understanding of the cognitive mechanisms of abstraction and abstract speculation. The structure of the metaphor is the combination of the concept of a cross-domain mapping. Lakoff and Johnson believes that this mapping is not no data to follow, but a brain thinking is rooted in people's day-to-day experience and knowledge systems. The intervention of the cognitive approach to broaden the scope of the study of metaphor. 2002 Peter Stockwell published a book \This book focuses on the combination of cognitive theory introduced her to speed up the development of cognitive stylistics. Gavins and Steen, eds 2003 \The former is built on the basis of cognitive linguistics, the latter is more broad in terms of content. The former focuses on the theory, which focuses on practical applications, can be said to complement each other. The publication of two books conform to the cognitive poetics rapid development of this trend, and thus provides a systematic theoretical basis for our understanding of the literary discourse. As a cognitive mechanism, the Metaphor management, according to help readers informed poetry overtones. Metaphor is a concept from one domain to another concept domain or cognitive domain structure mapping, mapping from the source domain to the destination domain. Frost poems poetry skillful use of the metaphor \This paper attempts to explore the the profound implication significance of poetry by the poetry of metaphor interpretation. This thesis in the broader context of the theoretical framework of cognitive poetics, mainly on the three metaphor theory of poetry Meaning interpretation. These three theories are: Lakoff and Johnson's theory of conceptual metaphor, Lakoff and Turner's poetic metaphor, the synthetic theory of Foucault Neil Turner. Lakoff and Turner in more than cool and calm: Poetic Metaphor Analysis Guide to Poetic Metaphor fully integrated into the framework of the theory of conceptual metaphor. This paper invoked this view, case studies adopted in full conceptual metaphors and synthetic theory to analyze the poetic metaphor. This thesis is based on Robert Frost's poem, cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphor and conceptual integration theory to discover the deeper meaning of the Psalms. The focus of the study content and the main task is to Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending Theory the cognitive interpretation process should be shipped to the psalms. Research purposes: First, effective interpretation of Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending Theory Frost Psalm, to reveal the originality of Frost will be implicit in the deceptive mask profound implications exposed . Secondly, the proof of Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending Theory as a well-known cognitive mechanisms built Poems and significance to provide effective, innovative and indispensable cognitive tools, thus opening up new ways of Poems. Finally, this thesis is an instance in the context of the rapid development of cognitive poetics disciplines, of embodied cognitive poetics this new interpretation method also applies to literary works, the interpretation of its role to bridge the gap between literature and linguistics .

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