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A Feminist Reading of George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda

Author ZhouYing
Tutor JiShengLei
School Hebei Normal
Course English Literature
Keywords Feminism Patriarchal Gender roles Marginalized Alienation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Daniel Delong Da \a unique perspective on the issues. This paper tries to interpretation and analysis of \In the novel, Eliot description of the role of women on her understanding of Victorian gender roles - Victorian women is tied to the male definition in the traditional mode, be regarded as a \The role of women belonging to different social classes and cultural backgrounds, but they encounter in a male-dominated society, but it is similar. Interpretation Eliot understanding of gender roles, and that by a patriarchal society and gender-related behavior, based on the biology of gender within the context of an arbitrary definition of rigid traditional gender roles defined purpose is to ensure the society for women control, because from childhood, the women began to accept sex education Patriarchy submissive gender division of labor, public power that men have, and women are excluded from social activities, their only role is to do the submissive male vulnerable groups, they should be the \More importantly, they want unconditional obedience to the control of their husbands or other male. Fiction hostess PR Madeline is the best example, Eliot said women should enjoy equal education and opportunity with men, and the only way to avoid the women due to simple ignorance hurt. Through the analysis of gender roles, this article further explore the root causes of gender inequality and injustice caused by the conflict between the sexes. In the the mainstream male standard social context of the novel depicts the 19th century, men of women on the surface was very polite, and a gentleman to play the role of protector of women, but in fact, women are \and bound the men deny that women should have their personality, while they belittle become the pet at home or do not have the personality and rights of slaves. As \they should not select the next or even the idea of ??marriage, because their male protector \equal, the husband in the marriage is given superior to the wife's rights. In the novel, Eliot give sympathetic while female characters in the novel, and sent the sound of the revolt by these characters: breaking the shackles of gender and despotism in women; condemning the selfishness of men, because they only care about their own happiness and self-esteem; criticism masculine values ??and its treatment of women injustice. Conservative attitude Eliot gave her the role of women against male domination voice, but her treatment of women's issues can not be ignored. In the shape of the main female role, she implied that those who have the personal power of women must be dangerous, she believes that the conflict between the individual potential and the lack of opportunities will inevitably lead to evil and misfortune. George Eliot's view of women's issues and feminist consciousness, especially Daniel Delong Da reflected deserves more in-depth study and exploration.

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