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Gazing and Being Gazed

Author WangGuanZuo
Tutor GanWenPing
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Vietnam War Gaze By stares Image
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Bring a new era to the Vietnam War to the American war literature. The Vietnam War contributed to the generation of a large number of Vietnam War literature. These literary works to life performance of a variety of image of American soldiers in the Vietnam War. But as the other side of the war, the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War literature COSCO did not get the full performance. American writer James Webb in his debut \Boryeong as one of the North Vietnamese veterans, by reviewing the 10-year war experiences and post-war experiences and feelings, condensed into the autobiographical novel \The novel portrayed by the Vietnamese, so that we get a more detailed and comprehensive image of the Vietnamese. To gaze and gaze \This paper uses discussed in the text reading to two Vietnam War novel \In this paper, a total of five parts. Introduction briefly describes the Vietnam War, the literature of the Vietnam War, the Vietnam War writer, and the status of the Vietnam War literature, and then introduced the novel \novel, \Finally, to define and introduce the concept of South Vietnam and the North Vietnamese, the purpose of this study and themes. By analyzing the image of the people of South Vietnam and North Vietnam, this paper aims to expose the distorted image of the structure in the role of ideology, to acquaint the reader with a real Vietnamese. The first chapter focuses on the image of the Americans, North Vietnam and South Vietnam under the gaze of South Vietnam. South Vietnam in the eyes of the Americans, timid look forward to be saved, but not deeply grateful to those claiming to save them Americans full of disgust; North Vietnamese people's eyes their compatriots from the imperialist rescue unity and solidarity of the object; Southerners see their own as pursuit of stable innocent victims. The second chapter analyzes the image of the North Vietnamese Americans, South Vietnam and the North Vietnamese gaze. North Vietnamese enemy, the mysterious and terrible enemy in the eyes of Americans. But in the eyes of South Vietnam, North Vietnam's image due to a mix of sympathy and fear of the South Vietnamese people and more complex: the North Vietnamese both enemy and compatriots. North Vietnamese in the post-war reflection, in addition to their own liberators outside the victim's side. The third chapter is the analysis made by division and unified image of the people of South Vietnam and North Vietnam. This chapter analyzed by the image of the division and reunification of the people of South Vietnam and North Vietnam two authors reflected their ideology in shaping the Vietnamese image. In the respective role of ideology, the formation of the self and the other, eventually leading to the distortion of the image of the gaze Vietnamese. \It spells out the true meaning of the image of the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War, discussed the importance of the image of the Vietnamese, to reflect on the self as the representative of traditional American culture and ideology, and to study the literature of the Vietnam War practical significance for the contemporary .

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