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An Exotic Flower Gestated from the Iceberg

Author ZhangFenFen
Tutor GuoHaiYun
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Edgar Allan Poe Freud The fall of the House of Usher Theory of literary and artistic creation Psychological analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Grotesque novelist unique as the history of American literature, Edgar Allan Poe bumpy bizarre life of its absurd and weird work left to posterity unlimited imagination and to explore the space, but also younger literary critics and researchers tireless research a hot topic one. The collapse of the House of Usher \Overall, this works roughly divided into the following types: analysis method based on traditional literary works, and the works of the era, and cultural background, its Lierugete Romantic Novel columns; simple combination of Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis, and the progress of the whole novel interpretation hero's spirit travel, think of Edgar Allan Poe to take express its mental depression and confusion; borrow feminist literary criticism theory, analyzes the heroine Mary Madeline, the works of classified in feminist work camp. To dissect the profound meaning of the novel from a whole new perspective --- Freud's Theory of Literary Criticism. Which borrow to the theory and psychoanalytic theories of Freud's most famous and psychological analysis based on the theory of literary criticism. Freud's theory of literary criticism, on the basis of psychoanalytic theory, Freud believed that the work of any one output must be its author's life experiences has a close relationship, and every detail of the work all profound interpretation corresponds to the reality of life and mental state. First, Freud literary and artistic creation is a repressed desire to meet; Second, Freud believed that the creation of the writer is a special kind of fantasy activities, this illusion of the past, present and future runs through the link up made, including the old memories, the recent incentives as well as future scenarios of three factors. The focus of this thesis is to explore Allan Poe why so grotesque a novel to be able to write with Freud's the triple personality theory and theory of literary and artistic creation. Such a classic works of baked Allan Poe extraordinary life experiences, they are adhering to the concept of literary creation, with its background of the times in which are inextricably linked. Roderick weird behavior, or the narrator saw and heard all from all aspects to convey some of the writers, for example, he has been suppressed subconscious life changes, such as he had experienced these , maybe even the author has not been excavated. However, as long as our in-depth research works, and the author of a series of life activities compared with, it is not difficult to find a meeting point, it is not hard to find such a classic grotesque literary wonderful how brewing 's.

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