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Internet moral education research

Author QuZhiGang
Tutor QiWanXue
School Shandong Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Network society Moral Education Opportunities and challenges Features Analysis Implementation and recommendations Development prospects
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Since the 1990s, quickly swept the global computer information network to the amazing power of human beings into a new era network. Colleges and universities, making it an important position in the information resources and personnel training in the forefront of the development of the network society. The university network technology popularization and application of, no doubt to university teaching, research, work, and teachers and students learning, life has brought a lot of convenience. The majority of teachers and students in learning via the Internet and knowledge innovation at the same time, there have been a series of new situations and new problems. The Internet is increasingly influenced and changed the work of teachers and students, learning, living, exchanges and ways of thinking, and a profound impact on their life and values. As a far-reaching technological revolution, the Internet is an understanding of the world under the existing conditions, new weapons and new means of transforming the world, is a new productivity. The nature of the development of network technology is the tremendous development of information dissemination, making modern society, dissemination of information, not only on the channels or the media, but also in all aspects of the means, methods, horizontal and permeability and the influence of traditional social greatly difference, showing a virtual, open, real-time, interactive, individuality, cross-cultural, image, controllability characteristics. Recognize these peculiarities, and help us to grasp the characteristics of its impact on college students and university network moral education. The combination of Internet and Moral Education in Colleges, bringing the innovation of moral education, moral education for unprecedented advantages: network moral education in universities broader perspective; network moral education fuller, more attractive; networks allow Moral Education in Colleges speed is much faster; Network Moral Education Work means richer, more method; Network Moral Education in Colleges expansion, a broader educational space. However, the Internet also moral education in universities has brought new challenges: increasing infiltration and influence of the international ideological; college students by Internet pornography, cyber crime affect the degree of harm increases; proliferation of network information and information uncontrollability make complex moral education tend ; virtual characteristics of the network technology has led to some students' behavior indifference. Internet moral education work, computer networks and moral education, marriage, University Moral Education in a modern way, refers to colleges and universities in the network environment, modern moral education theory as a guide, give full play to the educational function of the network and advantages in resources, learner-centered, the use of modern network technology to carry out moral education. Internet moral education as a special field of education and education, and the general moral education is quite different or different, with its own characteristics: Judging from the subject of education, Internet moral education work is the implementation of the education initiative and education the relationship between interactivity or equal organic unity; Judging from the education process, Internet moral education is the main role of the virtual and the authenticity of the organic unity of the educational content; educated network cognitive psychological process network moral education is the information selected diversified Select the autonomy of the organic unity. Moral education in universities due to the development and application of network technology is facing challenges and opportunities must understand clearly the characteristics of the Internet moral education work in order to adapt to the new situation, to explore new ideas. This paper tries from sticking to the basic principles of the Internet moral education, construction of the main content of the network moral education in colleges and universities, three aspects of manpower to explore new forms of Internet moral education, moral education for the college network to provide some enlightening things. This is the main significance to explore this topic, and also the ultimate goal of this article. First, adhere to the basic principles of the moral education of the university network. The basic principles of the Internet moral education work is a reflection of the objective laws of network moral education in colleges and universities, scientific network moral education practice guidelines. Network moral education work basic principles: the principle of party spirit, focusing on the construction principle, the principle of innovation, service principles, equal participation principles, the principles of the rule of law. Only clear the characteristics of the Internet moral education work, adhere to the basic principles of the Internet moral education work, in order to enhance the targeted Internet moral education work, and devote themselves to the development of online education, Internet moral education and achieved remarkable results. Second, the construction of the main content of the moral education of the university network. Promoting the moral education work into the network, occupied the position of the network with the correct, positive, healthy thought, culture and information, the key is to build a unique attraction and influence of moral work site, and to provide adequate network moral education available educational resources. First, we must strengthen the theoretical content of the network moral education; second is to enhance the network moral education content; Third, to enhance the objectivity of the network moral education content; Fourth, to enhance the timeliness of network moral education content; Fifth To enhance network moral education content targeted. According to the general rules of the characteristics of the network and network moral education, I end units before the country some colleges and universities to carry out the practical experience of the network moral education proposed network moral education is necessary to highlight four aspects of education. Third, to explore new forms of Internet moral education work. Network moral education with new characteristics and laws. Efforts to explore new forms of network moral education, and build a content and form of the organic combination of network platform is to improve the network moral education in science, effectiveness, coverage and enhance the attractiveness and influence effective way. First, we must build the moral education website, occupied with the correct, positive, healthy ideological information network; second is the development and preparation of the moral education software, strengthen the construction of moral education information resources; pioneered online \\Finally, I Looking from the international and domestic situation, the development of the Internet and the Future of the Internet moral education, firmly believe that the Internet moral education will usher in a better tomorrow.

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