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Author SunYan
Tutor LiuYongJie
School Zhengzhou University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Strange Interlude Nina Self-consciousness Wake Revolt Harmony
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In the development of modern American drama, Eugene O'Neill made a great contribution, known as \O'Neill is one with a strong sense of social responsibility and humanistic ideas dramatist, he advocates realistic writing, concerns the living conditions of men and women, is particularly concerned about the plight of those in the struggle of women. In the \Nina initially subservient to male authority in order to achieve their own happiness, but Nina gradually found her life can not be dependent on men, they are not capable to make her happy. Then Nina female consciousness is awakened, for their own happiness, she began questioning and bravely against male authority. But Nina's struggle has not exceeded male-centered culture, and finally ended in failure. Practice shows that the feminist movement, in order to achieve women's liberation, women should fight for the right to live independently and get their own identity and dignity. While men should also stop as the women as \In short, under the premise of equality of men and women should respect their gender characteristics, give full play to each other in order to build a harmonious relations between the sexes, so as to the progress of human society and make due contributions. This is the expected life and the pursuit of O'Neill's. The paper is divided into six sections: introduction, four chapters and epilogue. Introductory section outlines the Eugene O'Neill and his play \The first chapter outlines the development of the feminist movement and feminist critical theory. The second chapter elaborates heroine Nina patriarchal oppression in society, and that deeply oppressed Nina had to rely on a man in her life to get social security and happiness. The third chapter analyzes the weakness of men, which pointed out that Nina dependent on men to be happy, and the contradiction between men unreliable. The fourth chapter discusses the awakening of female consciousness Nina and her patriarchal oppression made all resistance, and explores women's Freedom Trail. Conclusion In conclusion, on the basis of the foregoing, that the way of women's emancipation and calls men and women to work together to build a harmonious relations between the sexes.

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