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On the Absence of Female Characters in English Desert Island Literature

Author DingRui
Tutor GaoDongJun
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords British island literature Women missing Robinson Crusoe Coral island Lord of the Flies
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In the history of English literature, Daniel Defoe's \Treasure Island \Selected the 18th century's \From text analysis point of comparison, made a comprehensive study of women in the island literature Absence, the article that, although the role of women in the three island literature classic are dispensable popping up, but their respective presence or absence but has its special role and significance. \operation the work of the division of labor between men and women, even the last occurrence of a male slave to accompany him, he did not need women, do not need women in society at the time. \The emergence of a woman does not have its own significance, she just used to set off a prop men arrogant complacency of the Victorian era. The women in the 20th century novel \Although the status of women has greatly improved, but the imbalance of the sexes persists. It is the lack of women led to discord in the \On the above analysis, the lack of women in the three desert island literary work is not an independent phenomenon. First of all, this is a the inheritance and deepen the traditional characteristics of the literary works of British desert island. Secondly, the development process of the British island literature, from the complete absence of women in the 18th century to the 20th century to the 19th century, women in servitude the women again completely missing, which reflects not only the position of women in the three centuries, It also implies that the position of women in the development process in the British island literature. The development of the British island literature from the British Government, the development of society, they are inextricably linked. Thus, the marginalization of women's status reflects the development of society, people have been aware of the imbalance of the sexes, and this imbalance eventually lead to social disharmony.

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